iPhone 15 should support 15W fast charging on Qi2 wireless chargers

Wireless charging speed on the iPhone 15 series on upcoming Qi2 chargers should double from 7.5W to 15W. Qi2 also brings compatibility with MagSafe on iPhones.

Closeup of a male hand putting an iPhone 11 on a Qi wireless charger
Qi2 and MagSafe will soon play nice | Image: Daniel Korpai/Unsplash
  • Apple is expected to upgrade Qi wireless charging on the upcoming iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models by building support for the latest Qi2 protocol.
  • In other words, this year’s iPhones will enable wireless charging at up to 15W even. when using non-MagSafe chargers from third-party vendors.
  • iPhones currently support fast wireless charging at 15W but only on MagSafe-based chargers (iOS limits wireless charging via Qi devices to 7.5W).

iPhone 15 should support Qi2 wireless chargers at 15W

“The iPhone 15 is likely to support two wireless charging protocols, namely the original MagSafe and the third-party Qi2 standard, and Qi2 will be recommended as compatible wireless charging technology by Apple for iPhones,” claims ChargerLAB.

Created by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Qi (pronounced “chee”) is a universal wireless charging standard. As a WPC member, Apple’s provided its MagSafe specification to the organization to include in the latest Qi2 standard.

Qi2 chargers will support MagSafe on iPhones

iPhone 12 resting on Apple's MagSafe charger next to AirPods Pro
Qi2 brings magnetic alignment a la MagSafe| Image: Studio Proper/Unsplash

Officially announced in January 2023 on the WPC website, Qi2 enables interoperability of MagSafe and Qi wireless chargers. WPC’s executive director Paul Struhsaker said Qi2’s perfect alignment “improves energy efficiency by reducing the energy loss that can happen when the phone or the charger is not aligned.”

While today’s Qi devices are compatible with both iOS and Android, Qi2 will allow for chargers that support 15W charging on both platforms. As mentioned, iOS currently limits charging speed to 7.5W when a Qi charger is detected, unlike Android.

The first Qi2 chargers will arrive by the start of the 2023 holiday season.

Made for MagSafe

A Weibo post republished on the Naver blog claims the iPhone 15 will support up to 15W wireless charging on non-certified chargers. Apple’s Made for MagSafe (MFM) certification program ensures that a magnetic charger can safely be used to fast charge any iPhone 12, iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 model at up to 15W.

If Apple does end up removing the MagSafe requirement, you’ll be able to wirelessly charge an iPhone 15 using a third-party charger at 15W even if it’s not MFM-certified. And that’s crucial for both our environment and your wallet (non-certified Qi chargers are more affordable than MagSafe ones due to Apple’s MFM fees).

MagSafe-compatible vs. Made for MagSafe

Keep in mind the important distinction between MagSafe-compatible chargers and Made for MagSafe accessories. A MagSafe-compatible charger uses magnets to keep devices like MagSafe iPhones in place without necessarily providing additional functions such as fast charging support or battery status.

With an MFM-compatible charger, however, you get magnets and an integrated NFC antenna which allows your iPhone to identify the wireless charger, manage settings such as battery charge status and crank up the charging rate to 15W.