Solve challenging physics puzzles with Enigmo: Explore

The 2-D puzzle games in Enigmo have been fan favorites since Pangea Software presented them in 2003. The original title launched a sequel in 2009 that feature not just 3-D graphics, but the puzzles themselves are 3-D.

Pangea handed off the series to another game company, Team Chaos, who recently launched the third title in the series on iOS in the form of Enigmo: Explore…

God of Light hits iOS: ingenious physics-based puzzlers featuring a ray of light

Playmous has unleashed a brand new iPhone and iPad game that every fan of physic-based puzzlers should download right away.

Now available in the App Store for your iPhone and iPad in exchange for $1.99, God of Light has you playing as Shiny, an extraterrestrial being that uses his unique ability to project light through the darkness. One just has to see this game in action in order to fully appreciate it.

In a nutshell, the player is tasked with directing rays of energy to reach Sources of Light to activate them and bring light back to Shiny’s world. It’s an insta-buy, if I ever saw one, here’s why…

Twist your way through a labyrinth of rooms in Oquonie

There is a new trend in indie games now, especially with atmospheric cerebral types. Visually stunning bite-sized casual games that draw you in with interesting graphics and keep you in with innovative mechanics

Oquonie is one such indie game that features bizarre characters set in an illustrated black-and-white world that looks fantastic and offers more to players than just a nice pair of… well, you know…

Perloo is an unpredictable puzzle game

As puzzle games go, the flatter they are, the simpler they are. What I mean by that is, most minimalistic puzzle games are usually fairly simple and don’t require more effort than a bit of logical thinking. They are not traditionally multi-step and don’t usually make your brain turn to mush on the first go.

Perloo is a minimalistic puzzle game that defies logic and reasoning while providing an entertaining series of brainteasers that will keep you on your toes (or, should I say, fingertips)…

Box It! is a relaxing but challenging puzzle game

When my world starts to spin out of control, one thing I like to do to calm down is play simple casual games. The more Zen-like, the better. These games help distract me from the issue at hand, while giving me a moment to collect my thoughts.

Box It! is a casual game that includes all of the calming themes I like. The game isn’t too hard. The design is simple and the colors are muted. The music is relaxing. The puzzles offer a challenge, but won’t make you pull your hair out…

Threes mixes matching and math for a minimalistic strategy game

Sudoku intimidates me. It’s not that I don’t like math. It’s just that puzzle games based on numbers reminds me of middle school. I feel like some unseen teacher is hovering over me, judging my abilities.

Threes is a minimalistic matching game that doesn’t require you to solve any kind of puzzle, so you can get your math fix without feeling like you have to show your work…

Classic iPhone game Eliss gets remade for 2014

Avid gamers among you who owned the original iPhone surely remember Eliss. Created by Steph Thirion and released in March 2009, Eliss was one of the first iPhone puzzlers that wouldn’t implement multitouch controls as an afterthought. It went on to win numerous awards and was called by many a multitouch masterpiece. Eliss challenged you to move around a bunch of planets and split/combine them with other planets of the same size/color.

On paper, the concept doesn’t sound terribly revolutionary or exciting. But once you picked it up, however, there was no putting Eliss down – it was that addictive. Unfortunately, the creator stopped updating the game just three months following its release: the last refresh was in June 2009.

Turns out other projects have kept Steph occupied – among them a brand new and polished remake of the original Eliss game…

simian.interface is the weirdest puzzle game you’ll ever play

Sure, you can blow up towns in Russia with visually stunning tanks, or slice your way through dragons with 64-bit graphics. But sometimes, you might just want to take your game down to a few basic shapes.

Chillingo’s latest puzzle game, simian.interface, is full of simple squares and rectangles that throw you for a loop by being three-dimensional on a two-dimensional plane. This strange adventure will test your skills at spatial reasoning while making you feel like a lab monkey…

Lyne is casual puzzle game with a minimalist appeal

Casual puzzle games in the App Store have traditionally involved cartoon characters, flowing water, and other cute themes. The puzzles may be challenging, but grown ups don’t necessarily want to get caught playing around with big-eyed aliens or plump farm animals. Thanks to iOS 7, many developers have turned to minimalism for casual puzzle games.

Lyne is one of those apps that looks simple, but is a real brain scrambler. It features basic geometric shapes and a calming soundtrack so you can play in public and not feel like you have to hide your screen from coworkers…

Feed Me Oil 2 arrives, get downloading

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to release some new software. We’re only two days into 2014 and already a pair of nice premium games has made an appearance on the App Store.

Earlier this morning, Sega released its Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed while UK-based developer True Axis brought us the awesome Jet Car Stunts 2.

And now, UK-based Chillingo has released a sequel to its liquid physics puzzler Feed Me Oil, a $2.99 download for the iPhone and iPad. And this time around, oil and water can mix for the first time…

Strand review: stretch and bend your lines to connect the dots

Around this time of the year, we start to get too busy to spend too much time siting in front of our favorite video game, yet we still find ourselves standing in line doing nothing for extended periods of time. During the holiday season, casual games are a must-have for a gamer’s mobile device.

Strand is a casual puzzle game that is simple enough to not occupy too much of your brain, but complex enough to keep you coming back for more…

Puzzle game Numerity asks, ‘What do you see in numbers?’

Do you remember those 3-D illusion posters that were a big hit in the late 1990s? The poster just looked like a bunch of dots, but if you looked past the dots, a three-dimensional image would form and your world would be totally redefined (well, maybe nothing that dramatic, but it was cool at the time).

Numerity is a puzzle game that uses a similar concept of taking a bunch of numbers that are cluttered together and turning them into a shape just by adding a bit of color to designated numbers…