Mac Cydia

How to Browse Cydia On Your Desktop Computer

Looking for jailbreak apps and tweaks in Cydia can be a very slow and painful process. Cydia usually has to load almost every single user action, and browsing for content can take quite a long time.

Cydia Search is a new resource developed by Planet-iPhones that allows you to search and browse for Cydia content from your desktop computer. With a full set of browsing and navigation options, Cydia Search takes the pain out of using the iPhone to browse for jailbreak content.

Dev Team Working on iTunes Alternative for Jailbreakers?

Could it really be true? After years of complaints from disgruntled iTunes users, could the Dev Team be working on an iTunes replacement for the jailbreak community?

While it does seem too good to be true, there is a definite chance that jailbreakers will have their own iTunes-like app that works specifically for jailbroken iDevices. A famous jailbreak developer has raised speculation that the Dev Team is in fact working on an alternative for iTunes.

More Details on Cydia for Mac

We recently reported that the creator of Cydia, Jay "saurik" Freeman, is close to releasing an official version of Cydia for the Mac. We speculated on if it was really necessary, and if it is important enough to thrive on a desktop ecosystem.

This "Mac Cydia" would seem to be Freeman's direct attempt at the jailbreak, unfiltered version of the new Mac App Store and OS X Lion. Since the news of a Mac Cydia, there have been more details shared from Freeman himself about the goals and features of the OS X version of Cydia...

Cydia for Macs to Go Live “Within Weeks”

With the recently announced Mac App store on the horizon -- which brings an iOS-esque store to Mac OS X platforms -- Cydia creator Jay "Saurik" Freeman plans to strike while the iron is hot.

That could only mean one thing, a Cydia Store for Macs; let's just call it Mac Cydia for simplicity's sake. But the real question is, what use will Mac users have for a Cydia store?