ScreenSafe protects your iPhone’s display from burn-in with screensavers

Handsets equipped with OLED displays are particularly adept at displaying high-contrast colors due to the true blacks they exhibit, especially when compared to handsets sporting traditional LCD displays. On the other hand, OLED displays are also notorious for screen burn-in issues, and that’s where screensavers come in.

Modern iPhones such as the iPhone X, XS, and 11 Pro (including their larger counterparts) come standard with OLED displays, and while Apple has already done plenty to mitigate screen burn-in with these devices, they haven’t yet adopted screensavers on the iOS platform. With that in mind, a new jailbreak tweak release called ScreenSafe by iOS developer Kushy comes off as particularly interesting.

iPhone Xr tech specs

Alongside Apple’s flagship iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max handsets, Apple also unveiled a budget handset known as the iPhone Xr at the company’s September 12th event.

In this piece, we’ll outline the under-the-hood specifications that come standard on the budget-friendly iPhone Xr:

Semperon adds an ‘always-on-display’ to your jailbroken iPhone

A plethora of Android smartphones on the market today support ‘always-on-display’ functionality in which the background remains dark, but the time and date appear in legible white font for your convenience.

Until now, you couldn’t experience this effect on an Apple handset, but a new jailbreak tweak dubbed Semperon by iOS developer LaughingQuoll mimics this functionality on any jailbroken iPhone or iPad running iOS 11.

Wisconsin’s new Foxconn plant is getting more costly to residents

During a Thursday ceremony in Wisconsin, President Donald Trump will no doubt call this week's groundbreaking of Foxconn's 20 million-square-foot complex that will make LCD panels an example of how his administration is "making America great again." That may be true for the citizens of Wisconsin in the long-run, but right now it has become a far costlier proposition than once imagined, according to The Wall Street Journal.