How to change the language or region on your Apple TV

Change Apple TV Language or Region

When you first set up your Apple TV, you pick the display language and region format. But what if you need to change this for some reason? For example, maybe you have a guest who’ll be using your Apple TV in another dialect. Or, maybe you're moving to a new locale.

Luckily, it’s easy to change the language or region on your Apple TV after setup, here’s how.

New to iPhone? How to master your keyboard

Enable the One-Handed Keyboard on iPhone

When you first begin using your iPhone, you’ll take some time to get used to everything, especially when coming from another mobile device system like Android. And if there’s one thing you’ll want to get the hang of quickly, it’s the keyboard.

For composing emails, sending text messages, creating notes, and more, your iPhone keyboard gets a lot of use. To help you learn some terrific tricks from the start, we’ve compiled a list of tips for using your iPhone keyboard.

The best free language learning apps for kids on iPhone and iPad

Language Learning Apps Kids - Endless Spanish

Learning a new language isn’t just a great way to continue our education and knowledge as adults but is a wonderful way to help our children too. Maybe you have a bilingual household or live in an area where more than one dialect is common.

By helping your child learn a new language when they’re young, you’re giving them the foundation to be well-rounded adults. Plus, you’re assisting them with communication skills and knowledge that last a lifetime.

These language learning apps for kids are similar to other educational apps in that they make learning fun. And we know that when learning is enjoyable, children are more apt to take an interest in the topic and want to learn. So, let’s get to the list!

How to add and change languages and keyboards on Kindle Paperwhite

Reading Language Kindle Paperwhite

Your Kindle Paperwhite is equipped to handle multiple languages and keyboards. So if you’re bilingual or interested in testing your skills in another language, Kindle is a great way to do it.

Here, we’ll show you how to set the language you want, add and use keyboards in other languages, and even set a default dictionary for each language.

How to save translations and browse recents in the Translate app

Favorites in Translate iPhone

With iOS 14, Apple brought a handy new app to iPhone called Translate. Aside from receiving translations in several languages from French to German to Spanish, you can save translations. This lets you mark favorites and refer to them any time you need them.

This tutorial shows you how to save and browse your recent translations in the Translate app on iPhone.

The best free language and speech development apps for kids

Language Development Apps - Articulation Games Lite

If you’re looking for a way to help your child with their language development or speaking skills, we’re here to help. These free language and speech development apps for kids are available on iPhone and iPad, so your little one can learn wherever you go.

Each app offers different features to assist your child, whether they have speech difficulties or are just learning the English language. Check out these features and try them out yourself to see which one would best suit your child.

How to create a Shortcut to translate articles in Safari on iOS

French Article in Safari iPhone

Have you ever come across a website in another dialect that didn’t give you the option to pick your own language? If there was an article you really wanted to check out, you probably looked for a translation tool to use, which unfortunately wastes time.

So if you browse the web or do searches in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, there’s an easy way to translate articles. This is especially handy if you want to read articles in different dialects often. This tutorial shows you how to create a Shortcut to translate articles in Safari.

Translomatic makes it easy to translate text to other languages in almost any app

If you occasionally stumble upon a text written in another language that you don’t understand, then you might be quick to use a third-party translation service such as Google Translate to get a better idea about what’s being said. But what if you never needed to leave the app you were in?

With the help of a newly-released jailbreak tweak dubbed Translomatic by iOS developer FoxfortMobile, you can now enjoy this type of integrated experience on your jailbroken handset in almost any app you use.

How to change the language and Siri’s voice on HomePod

Change Siri Language and Voice on HomePod from Mac

You can customize your HomePod to respond to your “Hey Siri” commands. So, what if you want to use a different language? Many people speak more than one dialect these days. For instance, say you speak both English and Spanish and you’re having a group of friends over who all speak Spanish? Change the HomePod so everyone can talk to Siri.

Or, what if you’re just learning a second or third language? Giving commands in that other dialect to Siri for HomePod could be a great way to practice.

Along with being able to change the language on your HomePod, you can also change Siri’s voice. You might prefer a male voice with a British accent or a female voice with an Australian accent. This is easy to change as well.

This tutorial shows you how to change both the language and Siri’s voice on HomePod.

The best apps for translating text on iOS

best translation apps iphone - Google Translate offers translations to 100+ languages

Communicating in different languages shouldn't be a barrier. In a diverse world, being able to understand or make sense of different languages can be important. Thankfully, our smartphones have enough power, always-on internet access, and some powerful apps for helping bridge the language gap.

Whether it's translating a text message, website, street sign, or menu, we've found some of the best apps for translating text, speech, and the world around you into something you can understand.