KeenLab demos jailbreak on iPhone XS Max running iOS 12.2

The talented Liang Chen of security research group KeenLab has once again flexed his hacking prowess this week after showing off what is believed to be the first-known jailbreak demonstration to support iOS 12.2.

Chen’s video demonstration, which has been published on YouTube, demonstrates what appears to be an iPhone XS Max running iOS 12.2:

KeenLab teases jailbroken iPhone XS Max on iOS 12.1

Every time Apple releases a major new software update for its iOS device lineup, it seems like the talented security researchers over at KeenLab are the first to jailbreak it.

KeenLab was the first to demonstrate a proof-of-concept jailbreak on iOS 12.0 in June and iOS 11.3.1 in April, but now it seems the security firm has found a backdoor into Apple’s iOS 12.1 update, which was only released last week.

KeenLab demos first iOS 12 jailbreak

Apple isn’t planning to release iOS 12 to the masses until sometime this Fall, but that hasn’t stopped renowned security researcher Liang Chen of KeenLab from flexing his digital muscles.

Chen shared the following video this weekend from his Twitter account that depicts a working jailbreak on an iPhone X running iOS 12 beta 1:

KeenLab demos a jailbroken iPhone X with iOS 11.3.1

KeenLab is renowned for demonstrating successful jailbreaks on Apple’s latest firmware, and it seems that they’ve done it once again.

Presenting at InfiltrateCon 2018, KeenLab security researcher Liang Chen demonstrated a fully-jailbroken iPhone X running iOS 11.3.1, which was released by Apple less than one week ago as of this writing.