Jailbreak Apps & Tweaks

These are the latest jailbreak apps and tweaks available for your iPhone or iPad. We save you time by highlighting only the best tweaks.

Contacy provides jailbreakers with a better notification interface for messaging apps

The notification system on the iOS & iPadOS platforms hasn’t changed much in recent years. The stale interface is certainly due for an upgrade, and with iOS & iPadOS 15’s announcement just around the corner, there’s still no telling whether it will receive any changes in the next update.

Fortunately for jailbreakers, sitting around and waiting for Apple to change stuff like this isn’t the only option. That’s because Contacy is a newly released jailbreak tweak by iOS developer XCXiao that brings a popular iOS & iPadOS notification concept originally seen on Reddit to fruition.

Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14’s Messages app

Jailbreakers are continuously trying to tweak their devices to make them easier to use and/or more capable than they would be right out of the retail box. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of jailbreak tweaks that make this possible.

Given just how popular iMessage and SMS are for iPhone and iPad users (jailbroken and non-jailbroken alike), we’ve decided to make this piece to recap on a few different jailbreak tweaks that can upgrade the Messages app on iOS 14.

ChatWall lets jailbreakers set a wallpaper in the Messages app

On a bone stock iPhone, the Messages app sports a plain background — either black when using dark mode or white when using light mode. If you’ve ever craved something with a bit more pizzazz than that, then you’d be out of luck.

Fortunately for jailbreakers, running a bone-stock setup isn’t necessary, and a newly released and free jailbreak tweak named ChatWall by iOS developer Chr1s offers an effective way to change the Messages app’s background to virtually anything you want.

This tweak automatically deletes 2FA and Short Code messages after a user-set amount of time

More and more frequently, iPhone and iPad users are being pushed by Apple or third parties to take advantage of two-factor authentication or text-messaged short codes to confirm their identity when logging in to apps and services.

These messages can add up over time, especially if you use many apps and services that you log in or out of frequently, resulting in excessive conversation buildup in the Messages app.

Personalize your Messages app however you want with the new ChatUI jailbreak tweak

Many iPhone users spend absorbent amounts of their time in the Messages app, and that’s not surprising given just how explosively popular text messaging has become over the years. Given that fact, it’s easy to see why someone might desire more customization options with respect to an app they use all the time.

Fortunately for jailbreakers, iOS developer CreatureSurvive is out with a new and free jailbreak tweak dubbed ChatUI that offers a smorgasbord of seemingly limitless customization for the native Messages app that comes pre-installed on iPhones and iPads alike.

MsgSwap makes it easier to share Photo Library media in Apple’s Messages app

One of my biggest pet peeves when using Apple’s Messages app to send Photos to contacts via iMessage or MMS is that you have to jump through hoops just to open the Photo Library picker.

Users will either tap on the Camera shortcut and then launch their Photo Library from the ensuing Camera viewfinder interface, or they’ll tap on the App Store button to view installed iMessage extensions and visit the Photo Library via the dedicated Photos button.

Keep prying eyes away from your missed notifications with LeaveMeOff Pro

It’s not uncommon for nosy onlookers to peer at your phone screen from over your shoulder as you enjoy a text message-based conversation with one of your friends or loved ones. Albeit creepy, such is life.

Apple’s iOS mobile operating system takes this fact into account, offering a handy feature in the Messages app’s notification settings that can hide message contents from your Lock Screen’s notification banners under various circumstances. But if that’s still not enough privacy for you, then a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed LeaveMeOff Pro by iOS developer Plat-Ykor could be worth checking out.

This tweak can convert text to sPoNgEcAsE with the tap of a button

Texting fanatics know that there’s more than one way to get your point across. In addition to simply typing out short strings of text or adding a high volume of Emojis after a statement, one might use different text effects to help convey a message with a specific type of tone.

One common example that has gained substantial traction recently is something called sPoNgEcAsE, which as you can see for yourself, inverts the case of every other letter in a word or sentence to provide a sarcastic mocking tone to anything it gets applied to.

WebMessage lets jailbreakers send SMS and iMessages via almost any computer

If, like so many others, your primary methods of communication comprise of iMessage and SMS via your iPhone, then you might take a particular liking to a newly released jailbreak tweak and computer application combination dubbed WebMessage by iOS developer sgtaziz.

WebMessage effectively turns your iPhone into a messaging server on demand, and by installing a special client on your computer, you can read and respond to both iMessage and SMS conversations via your computer even if it’s not a Mac.

MShut subtracts muted conversations from the Messages app’s badge count

A feature of the Messages app that I find absolutely indispensable is the ability to mute individual conversations that I don’t feel like responding to or receiving notifications from. This lets me continue receiving messages and responding to those I want while not being pestered by those that I’ve muted.

As great as this feature is, I’ve found that that missed messages from muted conversations still count against the Messages app’s notification badge count. This means that even if you’re trying to ignore someone in particular, the Messages still serves you with unwanted badge notifications for that specific conversation — and worse — bunches those missed notifications with others from the conversations you actually care about.