How to create memes on iPhone and iPad (5 ways)

How to create meme on iPhone

Memes lighten the mood and add a fun element to a conversation. If you love memes, you might want to create some with your personal image or text. To help you do that, here are a few ways to create memes from scratch or edit a well-known meme template on your iPhone and iPad.

Imgur for iOS gains search and revamped interface

After relaunching its iOS app and introducing an all-new interface in the Android client three months ago, Imgur today announced a major revamp of its iPhone and iPod touch application, a free download in the App Store.

For starters, the app has at last gained a Search feature so you can search for specific viral posts on the service. The app's grid view has been redesigned to show bigger thumbnails, push notifications have been improved and profile screens revamped for a more pleasing appearance.

Imgur for iOS picks up upload feature

Imgur back in March 2015 released a much improved iPhone client for browsing the fascinating world of animated GIFs, replacing its original iOS app which got removed from the App Store due to user complaints.

Tuesday, they refreshed the software with a key feature request from many users: the ability to directly upload your own images and animated GIFs to the service. Previously, you had to use a different app to send your memes to the service or resort to using the web interface.

Imgur’s MemeGen app lets you make your own memes

Last summer, Imgur released an official client for iOS, essentially putting all of the web's most popular memes in the palm of your hand. Now it's bringing the ability to create your own meme to that same hand, with MemeGen.

It looks like MemeGen has actually been in the App Store since late last year, but like others, we're just finding out about it today. At any rate, the app allows you to tap Imgur's vast photo library to create your own viral web pic...

Imgur iOS app: all the web’s memes, right in your pocket

Soon after users on Reddit and Digg began spreading viral images through it, Alan Schaaf’s image-sharing service Imgur blew up in no time.

Be it funny images that'd gone viral, animated GIFs or simply the fact that it was conceived (in 2009) from the onset as an image hosting service that didn’t suck - users are now uploading more than a million images to Imgur every day.

Announced for iOS (and released on Android) back in June, the official Imgur iOS app finally hit the App Store early-July. At least that's what AppShopper says - earlier today, I received a media release celebrating the app's iOS launch so...

Much like the beloved web service, the iOS app allows you to browse the ever-growing collection of viral images, comment and vote on them, upload your own photos and lots more...

Imgur coming to iOS soon, hits Android

When Alan Schaaf’s free image sharing service dubbed Imgur went online on February 23, 2009, it was met with genuinely positive feedback from users who'd been longing for an image hosting service that didn't suck.

Though no one expected the San Francisco-based startup to compete with the likes of Flickr, Instagram or other established photo sharing services, it did start picking up considerable steam after users on Reddit and Digg began sharing viral images on Imgur. In response to its rising popularity, the startup has just issued the official Android client and confirmed that iOS version is coming along soon...