Imgur’s MemeGen app lets you make your own memes


Last summer, Imgur released an official client for iOS, essentially putting all of the web’s most popular memes in the palm of your hand. Now it’s bringing the ability to create your own meme to that same hand, with MemeGen.

It looks like MemeGen has actually been in the App Store since late last year, but like others, we’re just finding out about it today. At any rate, the app allows you to tap Imgur’s vast photo library to create your own viral web pic…

From the simple imgur blog:

“Last summer we introduced the Imgur Meme Generator, allowing Imgurians to browse viral image macros, build from existing templates, or create their own from scratch. The people have spoken, and they want Good Guy Greg on their smartphones. Now, we’re introducing the MemeGen app for iOS so you can create image macros whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

All memes can be saved to your Imgur account and easily accessed anywhere. Copy and paste the URL to share with your friends or on your favorite social networks. More than 135,000 image macros were created in the last 30 days. Browse the Imgur Memes Gallery with MemeGen to upvote your favorites or send the duds to oblivion.”

As you’d expect, the app is very straightforward. To create a meme you simply choose a template (Good Guy Greg, Annoyed Picard, etc.), or use your own photo, and then add your text. And when it’s ready, you can upload it to Imgur.

If you’re interested, the Imgur MemeGen app is available in the App Store (iPhone only) for free.