Apple receives permit to test self-driving cars in California

Apple was added to the list of 29 other companies, including Tesla, Google, Ford and Mercedes, that are testing or planning to test self-driving vehicles in the state of California, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles’s (DMV) website Friday.

The permit allows Apple to test vehicles in autonomous mode on public roads.

It’s unclear if Apple sought to obtain a permit because it wanted to test-drive its own autonomous vehicles or if the company was simply looking to experiment with the rumored autonomous driving features in a future CarPlay version.

Apple poached race car engineer from Porsche

Earlier this year, Apple poached Alexander Hitzinger, the former technical director of Porsche’s race car program who helped the car maker return to the Le Mans endurance race, a company source told Reuters last Friday. The move was first reported by Germany’s Manager Magazin.

Volkswagen-owned Porsche officially confirmed Hitzinger had left the luxury carmaker in the spring, but didn’t share any further information.

Bloomberg: Apple gives up building a car, for now

Project Titan, Apple’s ambitious initiative to build an electric vehicle by 2020-2021 reportedly fell apart amid management crisis, supply chain issues and departures, prompting the company’s leadership to shift gears and focus on autonomous self-driving software, for now.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported Monday that Apple will decide fate of self-driving software by late 2017 as the new direction no longer includes building its own car.

Here are Gene Munster’s latest musings on Project Titan & Apple VR headset

Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster had been infamously predicting an Apple-branded HDTV set for years before eventually giving up on that dream. Last we heard from him was when he called for an S-upgrade to the Apple Watch in February 2016 (he may have gotten that one right; the timing, not so much).

He’s back now with some interesting thoughts (via AppleWorldToday) on Apple’s rumored electric vehicle and assumed virtual reality headset hardware.

Small Korean firm rumored to co-develop advanced hollow batteries for Project Titan

Apple’s rumored electric (autonomous?) vehicle, internally referred to as Project Titan, should use custom-designed batteries developed by engineers that Apple poached from A123 Systems, the makers of advanced batteries. According to a new report Tuesday, Apple has now tapped scientists and engineers from a small, unnamed South Korean firm to help co-develop hollow battery packs for Project Titan.

Report: Apple’s rumored electric car project faces internal launch delay until 2021

Former Wall Street Journal reporter Jessia Lessin’s outlet, The Information, this morning ran a story behind a paywall claiming that Apple’s tentative 2020 launch target for a rumored autonomous electric vehicle may have slipped until 2021. Project Titan, as it’s code-named, “has run into challenges” after its top executive left in January, as per sources.

Apple shows interest in the technology behind charging stations for electric vehicles

In yet another indication that Apple’s secretive electric vehicle effort, dubbed Project Titan, isn’t just a pipe dream, Reuters said in a report this morning that recent hirings have revealed Apple’s interest in exploring the technology behind charging stations for electric vehicles while hinting that it could consider engineering a similar technology.

Apple wants to lease a 800,000 square foot warehouse for Project Titan R&D work

The Wall Street Journal yesterday shared some rather interesting development regarding Silicon Valley’s worst-kept secret, an Apple-designed electric car, dubbed Project Titan. The firm is apparently seeking a massive 800,000 square foot warehouse, presumably to keep research and development work on Project Titan secret for as long as possible.

Furthermore, the iPhone maker is said to be in the process of expanding Project Titan team, which reportedly had about 600 employees last year, according to sources.

Apple rumored to be running a secret vehicle research and development lab in Germany

Influential German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung this morning ran a story on Apple’s rumored electric car, code-named Project Titan, claiming that the iPhone maker is running a secret vehicle research and development lab in the heart of Berlin.

Apple’s 15-20 person “top class” team at the site is mostly comprised of engineers hired away from several German car manufacturers, who are described as “progressive thinkers” in their respective fields. The report adds that Apple is said to be planning to use Austria-based automotive contract manufacturer Magna to build its electric vehicle.