Comex Wins a Pwnie Award for his JailbreakMe Exploit, GeoHot Wins Best Song

For those who aren't familiar with the event, the Pwnie Awards is an annual awards show celebrating failures and achievements in the security community. This year's ceremony took place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the BlackHat security conference.

All together there were 9 awards handed out, and it probably won't surprise you that a certain iDevice hacker took home one of them. As a matter of fact, 2 well known members of the jailbreak community ended up taking home Pwnies...

Geohot Spotted at iOSDevCamp

Where has Geohot been lately? We know he recently joined Facebook, but has he had a presence in the iOS developer scene?

George "Geohot" Hotz has indeed been pretty quiet these days, and we've all thought that he's been taking a break from his iOS work to focus on his new job at Facebook. That doesn't seem to totally be the case, as he's been spotted coding away at the iOSDevCamp in San Jose, CA.

GeoHot Now Working for Facebook

Since he came up with the LimeRa1n exploit that is still being used in the latest iOS jailbreaks, we haven't heard much from famed hacker GeoHot. As a matter of fact, we haven't heard anything at all. Until today.

We were just tipped off by the folks at Tech Unwrapped that George Hotz is now working for Facebook. Needless to say that I was a bit skeptical about the news and when I inquired for more details, I was pointed to GeoHot's very own Facebook profile where he confirms that he is indeed working for Facebook...

PlayStation Network has Been Down for Days, GeoHot Retaliation?

For those who who don't live for Call of Duty: Black Ops, or other popular PS3 titles, you may not have noticed how much trouble Sony has been having lately. Their free online service, PSN (Playstation Network) has been down since late Wednesday night.

We're not talking about a a minor inconvenience here, we're talking about millions of people being blocked from Sony's version of Xbox live for 4 days now. Netflix, Hulu, and several major online games are feeling the effects of Sony's crippled network...

GeoHot Gives Left Over Donations to EFF

If you missed out on the Sony vs. GeoHot saga, let me quickly fill you in. GeoHot (real name George Hotz) was one of the first people to jailbreak the iPhone years ago. He's been in and out of the jailbreak scene since then, but had recently turned his attention to Sony's PS3.

After hacking the console, GeoHot released the code to the internet. Sony caught wind of this and took the infamous computer wiz to court. Hotz hopped online and asked for donations to help him in litigation, and received overwhelming support. He told supporters that he had received more than enough help to survive the first round of legal fees...

The GeoHot Versus Sony Shenanigans Are Over as George Hotz Settles With Sony

Well, that didn't exactly resemble a grand finale at a fireworks show, but it provided some good water cooler discussion during its peak.

The George Hotz aka GeoHot Versus Sony litigation is done. It's over folks, it's time to take your ball and go home.

This afternoon, Sony -- no doubt grinning ear to ear from their "win" -- posted an update on their blog that outlined some of the settlement terms...

Geohot Flees the Country in the Heat of Sony’s Lawsuit [Update: No, He Didn’t Flee]

I know this is not directly related to anything iPhone but I thought the news was important enough to report here on iDB. According to The Escapist, Geohot fled the country and is currently in South America.

In case you didn't know, Geohot is currently being sued by Sony for jailbreaking the PlayStation 3, and even though he pretends to be confident about the situation, he is clearly feeling the heat coming from the Japanese electronics giant...

Dev Team Investigating New Permanent iPhone Unlock Method

Shortly after breaking the bad news about the iPhone 4 carrier unlock for iOS 4.3, iPhone Dev Team member @MuscleNerd announced that they aren't giving up just yet and are currently investigating a new method to unlock the iPhone 4.

This method, called the "NCK", is the key generated by Apple if they were to officially unlock your iPhone. Basically, it's similar to an IMEI unlock code, which permanently unlocks the phone...

Geohot Will Try His Hacking Skills On Windows Phone 7

Geohot has been causing quite a disturbance due to his ongoing legal battle with Sony. Geohot jailbroke the Sony PS3 to run unsigned code. Sony is now suing him, and Geohot is under the tech industry's spotlight more than ever.

So, what does all this have to do with Windows Phone 7? Microsoft has shown interest in Geohot before, and the company even reached out to him financially for his legal fight against Sony. Geohot will know be using his hacking skills at an upcoming convention to try and jailbreak Windows Phone 7...

Microsoft Donates to Geohot’s Cause Against Sony

Take that Apple! Microsoft has allegedly donated money to the famous iPhone hacker Geohot for his legal battle against Sony. In case you didn't know by now, George "Geohot" Hotz is in a legal skirmish with Sony because he jailbroke the PS3.

Since Geohot represents the jailbreak community, he obviously isn't on Apple's good list. Perhaps Microsoft wanted to take a little jab at Apple by supporting one of the most famous iPhone hackers...

Geohot Interviewed Again Over Sony Lawsuit

In case you've been too busy playing on your PS3, renowned iPhone hacker George "Geohot" Hotz is in the middle of a heated lawsuit with Sony. Geohot "jailbroke" the Sony PS3 and circumvented Sony's DRM. The ramification of his exploit is that Sony is now suing Geohot for "encouraging piracy" on their platform.

Geohot has done another interview on The Alyona Show in which he addresses the issues with the Sony debate and clarifies his stance on the subject. Check out the video after the break.

Geohot Has a Successful First Round of Donations for His Fight Against Sony

Geohot has updated his blog, "Geohot Got Sued" with the results from his first round of donations for his legal fight against Sony.

In case you missed it, Geohot is entering a legal battle with Sony because he cracked the DRM on the PS3. Sony claims that Geohot broke the law by jailbreaking the PS3, and they are seeking financial retribution for Geohot's exploit.

A few days ago, we posted that Geohot put a plea out to his followers asking for donations via PayPal to fund his legal fees for the upcoming trial with Sony. He has closed the first round of donations from over the weekend, and he made bank.