Gazelle offering up to $350 for your old iPhone ahead of iPhone 6 announcement

Boston-based Gazelle, which lets you sell used electronic devices, is ramping up its iPhone trade-in offering ahead of the expected iPhone 6 announcement on September 9.

If you send them your used device, Gazelle may treat you to up to a cool $350 in cold hard cash, dependent on its condition. Under the terms of the program, users have up until September 9 to get a price quote for their device.

Even better, you don't need to send Gazelle your device until October 10...

Gazelle offering additional $10 on iPhone trade-ins right now

Folks with an old iPhone laying around may be interested to know that electronic buy-back service Gazelle is offering extra money for Apple's handsets right now. In an effort to increase its inventory, the site says it will give you an additional $10 on your iPhone trade-ins.

For those unfamiliar with Gazelle, it's an online storefront that will pay you money for virtually any used electronic depending on the make, model and condition it's in. The transaction is done via mail, so essentially you send them your device, and they send you cash...

Unused iPhones in the US said to be worth over $13 billion

I have a ritual I go through every time I purchase a new iPhone, which lately has been once per year. I hunt down my original box and accessories, and prepare my old handset to be sold on eBay as soon as my new one arrives. And I thought this was a common practice.

But according to the "Mobile Mountain Study" conducted by research group OnePoll, for resale site SellCell, almost half of the consumers who buy a new smartphone are holding on to their older device instead of opting to recycle or sell it in the used handset market...

Walmart launches smartphone trade-in, but you’ll have to wait until September 21

As everyone waits to learn what iPhones Apple will announce later today, the urge to trade-in current smartphones will surge. Hoping to take advantage of that last-minute push is Walmart, adding the world's largest retailer to the list of firms offering deals on older iPhones and other used smartphones.

But is Walmart offering the best deal?

There are some differences which could make offers by smaller firms more attractive, starting with kick-off time...

Gazelle locks iPhone trade-in prices through October 15

Are you thinking of upgrading to Apple's upcoming iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, expected to be announced in early September? One handset trade-in firm is offering customers a guaranteed price on their current iPhones despite the usual drop in value following new product releases.

Gazelle said Monday it will lock-in pricing for iPhone trade-ins through Oct. 15, giving consumers time to wait until the iPhone 5S is announced before sending in their current smartphone...