Filippo Bigarella

Upcoming ‘LastPic’ tweak allows you to easily share your last taken photo

Filippo Bigarella has come up with another doozy, and this time it involves your photos. More aptly, this time it involves the last photo you snapped with your iDevice. LastPic, is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that will allow you to easily share the last photo you took when sharing a photo via the Messages app. It works a lot like Tweetbot, which features similar functionality when posting photos to your Twitter stream.

The tweak is currently still being worked on, but you can be rest assured that we will see it available on Cydia in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates.

ActiveDock brings an OS X inspired dock to iOS

When you hear about an upcoming tweak collaboration between jailbreak community staples like Filippo Bigarella and Surenix, then the tweak is pretty much destined to be good. Unsurprisingly, that is the case for the upcoming ActiveDock, a jailbreak tweak that brings an OS X styled dock to the small screen.

We’ve gone hands-on with ActiveDock and put it through its paces. Needless to say, we came away impressed. Check out our video walkthrough inside.

LivelyIcons: animate icons and help cancer research

There’s a new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia, and it’s not unlike something you’ve probably seen before. The tweak is called LivelyIcons, and it allows you to add opening animations to each app icon on your iPhone’s Home screen.

LivelyIcons features about a dozen different animations that you can enable via a simple list found in the Settings app. An option to increase or decrease the duration of the animation also exists. That may not sound all of that exciting, but the tweak’s functionality plays second fiddle to a greater cause. Check inside for the full scoop.

Cydia developers rush to update their apps and tweaks as iOS 6.1 jailbreak looms

One way that I can always tell that a jailbreak is getting ready to be released, is when I see a bunch of apps and tweaks being updated to support the latest major firmware. That’s exactly what’s happened in the past, and that’s exactly what’s happening right now.

Since there’s been no untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.x, most developers haven’t bothered to update their tweaks and apps to support this firmware. Makes sense. That is all about to change, as soon as this week, even. Hence, many devs are scrambling to get the needed updates out to support the latest version of iOS.

Hide the Newsstand app using StifleStand for Windows

Yesterday we showed you how to hide the maligned Newsstand app using StifleStand — a new Mac app from developer, Filippo Bigarella.

What makes StifleStand special is that it doesn’t require a jailbreak in order to use it, which means that it even works with the new iPhone 5. No doubt, hundreds of users who despise Newsstand flocked to the app, but Windows users were sadly left in the cold…that is, until now.

As promised by Bigarella, and as noted by iOS blog ModMyi, a Windows version of StifleStand has been created, and it is now available for download. Check inside for a brief video demonstration of StifleStand for Windows, along with the download link.

Piracy is a huge problem in the jailbreak community and here is the evidence to prove it

I’m not trying to pile on after my post about i0n1c, but my friend and iOS developer Filippo Bigarella just posted some stunning evidence as to how bad piracy is within the community.

Bigarella is the mind behind such tweaks as Springtomize 2 and CleverPin, and he’s clearly one of the most talented and dedicated developers in the community. Hence, it’s sad to learn that his hard work is taken for granted by so many people. His latest tweak, Springtomize 2, has an audacious 92% piracy rate!

And you wonder why people like i0n1c point to the piracy problem within the community?

WallpaperLog turns your iOS wallpaper into an active console log

Nerds everywhere rejoice! Filippo Bigarella, the jailbreak developer behind Springtomize 2 and other popular tweaks, has just submitted a new package to Cydia called WallpaperLog.

The new tweak turns your device’s wallpaper into an active console log, giving you a glimpse into some of the things that happen behind the scenes in iOS…

How to Troubleshoot Tweak Installs With Springtomize 2

Springtomize 2 — hands down the most robust tweak when it comes to customizing your iDevice — just received an update to add native iPad support yesterday.

That update reminded me of one of Springtomize 2’s extremely useful, but often overlooked features that helps out immensely with troubleshooting problems.

Like SBSettings, Springtomize 2 contains a “MobileSubstrate Addons” sections that allows you to disable tweaks without having to uninstall them. It’s sort of a hidden feature, but we’ll show you how to use it in this brief video walkthrough…

‘Springtomize 2’ Updated with Native iPad Support

Springtomize 2 — the ridiculously in-depth Springboard tweak package — was updated today to include native iPad support among other things.

This means that you can now run it in full screen mode without having to enable the iPad’s 2x mode for iPhone apps.

It also means that it gains a few new iPad centric features along the way. Check out our video walkthrough of the new Springtomize 2 in action…

‘Springtomize 2’ Has a Cover Flow Dock Feature Too

While we’re on the subject of Cover Flow dock tweaks, let us not forget that Springtomize 2 has featured a similar tweak since its inception. True, it’s not exactly like Adam Bell’s Overflow tweak, but if you already own Springtomize 2 you might as well give it a shot.

Springtomize 2 comes in at $2.99 on the Cydia store, but chances are you already have it seeing as it customizes your device like no other tweak in existence. We’ve taken the liberty to highlight Springtomize’s Cover Flow implementation on video, so be sure to have a look.

UnlockFX Now Available in Cydia


UnlockFX, a jailbreak tweak by Filippo Bigarella we previewed last week, is now available in Cydia. UnlockFX adds unlock animations to your iPhone. This is the perfect tweak for spicing up your lock screen. You can get it on the BigBoss repo for $1.99.

Whip Your Phone App Into Shape With StartDial

Do you ever get annoyed when you open your Phone app and it doesn’t go to the section you were expecting?

With StartDial, that problem is a thing of the past. StartDial allows you to always start at a specific section of your Phone app every time you open it by means of a predefined setting.

It’s even smart enough to start at your recents whenever you have missed calls. If you make a lot of phone calls, and your iPhone is jailbroken, check out our hands-on experience with StartDial inside…