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This weekend, Sebastien and I had the pleasure of traveling to Apple HQ with popular jailbreak dev, Filippo Bigarella (@FilippoBiga). We were all in Silicon Valley for JailbreakCon 2014 and decided on Friday to drop by 1 Infinite Loop in hopes of scoring some excellent garb from The Company Store. While we all successfully spent too much money in the store, the highlight was getting inside the secretive office building.

Sebastien posted a tweet asking for an invitation from anyone employed by Apple. Shortly after, we received a response from an avid iDB reader! Of course, I cannot mention his name here, but we fondly call him the "Mystery Man." While dining at Caffè Macs (yes, we happened to see Sir Jony Ive), Mystery Man mentioned some of his favorite iDB posts are in the Wallpapers of the Week section! Honored to have met a fan, the following walls are sent out to you, Mystery Man, celebrating our recent visit to the Mothership...

Springtomize 3 updated with new Barrel-inspired animations and more

Filippo Bigarella has pushed the latest update for Springtomize 3 to Cydia, and it's a doozy. The update brings loads of bug fixes, but it also adds new features like lock animations, new app switcher features to handle the look of inactive apps, new Barrel-like scroll animations, and more.

Springtomize 3 is one of the best tweaks for iOS 7, and with this latest 1.1 update, it only gets better. Have a look at our new video, which showcases some of Springtomize 3's new features—including all two-dozen plus scroll animations—after the jump.

CleverPin lets you use an iPhone passcode only when you need it

Italian developer Filippo Bigarella has been working hard to update his jailbreak tweaks with iOS 7 support, highlighted by the release of Springtomize 3 over the weekend. With an update to that flagship tweak out of the way, Bigarella has followed up by pushing out a new version of CleverPin for iOS 7 and later.

You may recall our own Jeff Benjamin reviewing the original version of CleverPin, a security-based extension, nearly three years ago. Take a look at what has changed since then… 

Springtomize 3 updated with several bug fixes, improvements and new features

On the latest episode of Let's Talk Jailbreak, we discussed our love/hate relationship with the new Springtomize 3 jailbreak tweak. We love all of the customizable options it provides, but we hate a lot of the tiny bugs that came with it.

Well, I'm happy to report that Filippo Bigarella has posted a big update for Springtomize 3 and it appears to squash a lot of these bugs. It also offers other improvements, as well as new features, including no more required re-spring...

Review: Springtomize 3

Springtomize 3 is now available for download on Cydia's BigBoss repo, and I'll just get it out of the way and state that I highly recommend it. For those of you unfamiliar with this legendary tweak, Springtomize is basically a way to customize multiple facets of iOS using a single tweak. It's like dozens of tweaks combined into one, and for that reason, many people love Springtomize.

The third iteration of Springtomize is definitely a more evolutionary chapter in the tweak's existence. It's not the game changing tweak that was Springtomize 2, but it still brings more than enough to the table to warrant a purchase without even thinking about it. This is the type of tweak that belongs in the repertoire of every single jailbreaker out there.

Springtomize 3 was built for iOS 7, and it allows you to customize the Home screen, app switcher, Lock screen, folders, and many more areas of iOS 7. Have a look at our full length in-depth video, which covers every section to be found in Springtomize 3.

SkipLock lets you bypass the Lock screen altogether

Regular iDB readers may remember a tweak we talked about last year called SkipLock. SkipLock is a simple tweak that allows you to bypass the Lock screen of your device, unless it is password protected, or unless there is a pending notification on the screen, in which case, you will still have to slide to unlock your device.

An original idea by yours truly, and developed by famous jailbreak dev Filippo Bigarella, the tweak was only available on Filippo's repo and never made it to the public.

iOS 7 broke SkipLock so I asked Filippo if he could do something about it. A few minutes later, he came back to me with a .deb file which I quickly installed on my iPad mini, and it worked just as advertised. The good news is that SkipLock is now available on Cydia...

Filippo Bigarella gives status update on Springtomize 3

Now that we're able to jailbreak our iOS 7 devices, and MobileSubstrate has been fixed, the next question on everyone's mind is when will the major tweaks start getting updated? A few, like iFile already have, but we're still waiting on a lot of them.

The good news is, we just received a status update on Filippo Bigarella's upcoming Springtomize tweak. The developer says that he's completely rewriting the popular utility for its third iteration, and at this point he believes he's over halfway done...

New GlyphPatch tweak patches recently exposed DoS exploit in iOS

Filippo Bigarella has released a new jailbreak tweak this weekend called GlyphPatch. The utility patches the recently exposed DoS exploit which targets Safari's WebKit engine and causes apps to crash when rendering a malicious sequence of characters.

The bug, which was made public last week, affects users on both iOS and Mac and can be triggered through a few different surfaces: SMS, iMessage, the web, and network SSID. But jailbroken iOS users can protect themselves from it with this new tweak...

JailbreakCon 2013 schedule and speakers announced

Some big news this afternoon in the jailbreak community. JailbreakCon, the group behind the annual convention for jailbreakers, has just posted up the schedule for this year's event, as well as a list of high-profile speakers.

It will be a 2-day affair at the Raddison Hotel in New Rochelle, New York, with workshops and speeches given by some of the biggest names in jailbreaking like Saurik, and tweak developers Filippo Bigarella and Ryan Petrich...

Balances: a new App Store app from the mind of Filippo Bigarella

Balances is a new App Store app from the mind of popular jailbreak developer Filippo Bigarella. Bigarella is the same developer behind such jailbreak staples like CleverPin and Springtomize 2 to name a few.

Needless to say, when such a well-known and well respected developer ventures into the so-called "legit" waters of the App Store, it's hard not to take notice. His first foray — Balances — is a way to maintain personal debts and credits within the confines of a simple, straightforward, and easy to use app.

If you've ever found yourself writing down how much you owe someone, or how much someone owes you on random scraps of paper, then you probably need a better system. That's where Balances comes in. It helps you get rid of the sticky note system and maintain your balances using the iPhone. Check out our video demonstration of the app in motion...

SkipLock: a jailbreak tweak that allows you to bypass the Lock screen

Just like TypeStatus has a special place in Jeff's heart, SkipLock holds a special place in mine. If you're wondering why, it's simply because this tweak was born from a request I made to jailbreak developer Filippo Bigarella, who was kind enough to create it specifically for me. And now, it's available for you too.

SkipLock is a very simple tweak that allows you to bypass the Lock screen altogether. Once SkipLock is installed, no more need to "Slide to Unlock" your device. Simply hit the Home button, and you're taken straight to your Home screen.

Filippo Bigarella’s Harlem Shake now available on Cydia

Want a Harlem Shake on your Springboard like we showed you in yesterday's post? Then head over to Cydia right now, because Harlem Shake is now available to download for free. To activate the tweak, simply assign an Activator gesture to Harlem Shake, and have at it.