Opinion: A USB-C iPhone would benefit consumers

USB-C port on iPad Pro.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Apple switching from their existing Lightning port on iPhones to the USB-C port on future models instead. In fact, legislation in the European Union last year effectively ensures that Apple will sell iPhones with a USB-C port by 2024. So should you be excited? Let’s discuss…

EU regulators worried Apple-Shazam deal may hurt competition

The European Commission announced on Tuesday that it is going to "assess the acquisition of Shazam by Apple." The regulatory group says that multiple countries, including Austria, France and Spain, have requested that it review the recently announced deal for possible violation of EU antitrust laws.

In its appeal to EU tax ruling, Apple calls itself a “convenient target”

Later this week, Apple and the government of Ireland will appeal against the European Union's $14.5 billion tax ruling targeting Apple's sweetheart tax deal with Dublin that the EU deemed “illegal state aid.” According to Reuters today, the Cupertino firm will object to the fact that EU regulators ignored established tax experts and common corporate law.

Apple's legal strategy involves painting itself as a victim of its own success. EU deliberately singled out Apple due to its success and picked a method to maximize the penalty, said Apple's top lawyer Bruce Sewell.