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Sileo Team launches Sileo v1.2.9 beta 1 for testing

While it’s not uncommon for the Sileo Team to release an updated Sileo package manager every now and again, the team deviated from their traditional release cycle on Friday by launching a ‘Sileo Beta’ that can be deployed alongside the stable Sileo installation.

The Sileo Team announced the news early this morning via Twitter, noting that Sileo v1.2.9 beta 1 would be available from the default Chimera/Electra repositories on their respective jailbreaks:

Chimera v1.2.7 and ChimeraTV v1.2.6 released with improved exploit support

The Electra Team on Friday released updated iterations of the iOS-Centric Chimera jailbreak tool and the tvOS-centric ChimeraTV jailbreak tool, bringing the former up to version 1.2.7 and the latter up to version 1.2.6.

The Electra Team announced the two updates via Twitter early this morning, and from what we can gather, these updates focus primarily on the exploits used by the tools to jailbreak supported handsets:

Chimera v1.2.6 brings Sock Puppet 2 support for iOS 12.1-12.2 devices

The Electra Team released an updated version of the iOS 12-centric Chimera jailbreak tool on Thursday, a move that brings the tool up to version 1.2.6.

The Electra Team announced the update just last night via Twitter, noting that it would implement @NedWilliamson’s Sock Puppet 2 exploit for increased exploit reliability on devices running iOS 12.1-12.2:

Chimera and ChimeraTV v1.2.5 released with stability improvements

The Electra Team released updated versions of the iOS 12-centric Chimera jailbreak tool and Apple TV-centric ChimeraTV jailbreak tool on Tuesday, bringing each of them up to version 1.2.5

The announcement was made early this morning via Twitter, noting stability fixes and notations to the credits for the use of Ned Williamson’s Sock Puppet exploit:

Chimera v1.2.4 brings support for A7-A8 devices running iOS 12.1.3-12.3 beta

The jailbreak tool revisions continue to roll out on Monday, starting with an update launched by the Electra Team early this morning to add more device and firmware support to Chimera for iOS 12.0-.12.3 beta.

The Electra Team announced the release of Chimera version 1.2.4 via Twitter, noting that it added support for 4K (A7-A8) devices running iOS 12.1.3-12.2 and some versions of the iOS 12.3 beta, making it the first modern jailbreak tool to do so:

Chimera updated with support for some iOS 12.3 betas as ChimeraTV gets support for tvOS 12.2

It appears to be a big day for the Electra Team. Just this morning, the iOS 12-centric Chimera jailbreak received an update to version 1.2.3 with support for certain builds of the iOS 12.3 beta, and in addition to that, the tvOS-centric ChimeraTV jailbreak was updated to version 1.2.2 with support for tvOS 12.2 on the Apple TV 4K.

The Electra team shared both announcements this morning via Twitter, linking to the newly-updated jailbreak tools on the Chimera website in the process:

Chimera updated to v1.2.2 to fix the voucher_swap exploit on A12(X) devices

It was a busy day for the Electra Team and Pwn20wnd alike, but just when we thought that the jailbreak developers were winding down to take a breather for the night, the Electra Team emerged with yet another spontaneous update for the Chimera jailbreak. The latest version of Chimera is now v1.2.2.

The Electra Team announced the new Chimera update on Twitter just this evening, and they went on to explain that it addresses a problem where the tried and true voucher_swap exploit wouldn’t work when attempting to jailbreak A12(X) devices running iOS 12.0-12.1.2 with Chimera v1.2.1:

Chimera updated to v1.2.1 to fix issues with the Sock Puppet exploit on iOS 12.2

The Electra Team made good on its promise to release an updated Chimera jailbreak with support for the new iOS 12.1.3-12.2-centric Sock Puppet exploit by @NedWilliamson, but as you might’ve seen from the slurry of jailbreak tool updates this afternoon, the exploit had bugs that still needed fixing on certain handsets.

Shortly after Pwn20wnd released a revised version of the unc0ver v3.3.0 beta with fixes for all known issues pertaining to the Sock Puppet exploit, the Electra Team released Chimera v1.2.1 to do the same on their platform. The release was announced via Twitter this afternoon:

Electra Team updates Chimera to v1.2.0 with support for iOS 12.1.3-12.2

Following yesterday’s Sock Puppet exploit release by @NedWilliamson, jailbreak developers such as Pwn20wnd and the Electra Team have been scrambling to implement support into the unc0ver and Chimera jailbreaks.

While the unc0ver jailbreak has supported Sock Puppet since yesterday afternoon, the Electra Team said that it was internally testing iOS 12.2 support for Chimera and that a release was imminent. Despite having no stern ETA at the time, the Electra Team officially released Chimera v1.2.0 just this morning with support for iOS versions 12.1.3-12.2.

Electra Team says ‘Sock Puppet’ exploit support is coming to Chimera

Pwn20wnd just got done updating the unc0ver jailbreak tool with support for the new ‘Sock Puppet’ exploit by @NedWilliamson with support for firmware versions up to iOS 12.2, and as it would seem, the Electra team isn’t too far behind.

In a series of Tweets shared just this afternoon, the Electra Team revealed that it would soon update the iOS 12-centric Chimera jailbreak tool with support for the new ‘Sock Puppet’ exploit:

Electra Team releases Chimera v1.1.0 to fix Sileo app disappearance bug

It wasn’t long after the Sileo Team released Sileo v1.1.5 with expanded Swift support that the Electra Team followed up with an updated iteration of the iOS 12-centric Chimera jailbreak tool.

The Electra Team announced the release of Chimera v1.1.0 just moments ago via Twitter, noting that the update would install Sileo v1.1.5 by default and resolve a particularly frustrating bug in which the Sileo app would disappear from the Home screen after jailbreaking: