Chimera v1.2.7 and ChimeraTV v1.2.6 released with improved exploit support

The Electra Team on Friday released updated iterations of the iOS-Centric Chimera jailbreak tool and the tvOS-centric ChimeraTV jailbreak tool, bringing the former up to version 1.2.7 and the latter up to version 1.2.6.

The Electra Team announced the two updates via Twitter early this morning, and from what we can gather, these updates focus primarily on the exploits used by the tools to jailbreak supported handsets:

As it would seem, Chimera v1.2.7 adds support for the Sock Puppet 1.5 exploit for A12(X) devices running iOS 12.0-12.1.2, while ChimeraTV v1.2.6 adds support for the Sock Puppet 2 exploit on the A10-equipped Apple TV on iOS 12.0-12.2.

If you’re already happy jailbroken with Chimera at the time of this writing, then upgrading your jailbreak is optional, but if you’d like to take advantage of the latest improvements, including support for the new exploits, then you would do good to download and deploy the latest version of Chimera or ChimeraTV from the Electra Team’s official downloads page.

If you’ve never jailbroken with Chimera or ChimeraTV before, then we have detailed step-by-step tutorials available that will walk you through the process. Please see our individual guides for jailbreaking iOS with Chimera and jailbreaking tvOS with ChimeraTV.

Have you downloaded and used the latest Chimera or ChimeraTV updates yet? Discuss your experience in the comments section below.