Donald Trump

Tim Cook explains why he met with President-elect Donald Trump

In a recent Q&A on Apple’s internal info web service, Tim Cook¬†explained to employees why he met with President-elect Donald Trump last week. Cook was one of many executives that participated in a high-profile roundtable with Trump to discuss¬†a variety of tech-related issues.

The meeting inspired a lot of negative reactions from folks in and around Silicon Valley, who felt like it was hypocritical of the tech leaders to meet with Trump, given their public condemnations of his comments and actions. But Cook explains that open communication is important.

Donald Trump dumps shares over Apple’s ‘dumb refusal’ to give us bigger iPhones

Following Apple’s record-setting holiday quarter, its stock still dropped eight percent in after-hours trading because the 51 million iPhones sold missed¬†Wall Street consensus by a few million units. American businessman Donald Trump took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with Apple losing its vision and momentum, going on a rant over Apple’s¬†“dumb refusal” to give iPhones bigger screens.

Samsung’s sizes are “much better”, Trump said and stressed he¬†sold his Apple stock because iPhones are still four inches. I’m sure Tim Cook immediately called for an emergency meeting with his lieutenants, fearing the wrath of Mr. Trump…