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How to set a generator with nonceEnabler on iOS 9 and 10

First off, this guide is only necessary for 64-bit devices which are currently jailbroken on old firmwares, such as iOS 9 and some versions of iOS 10. The jailbreaks for those firmwares did not always include a way to set a generator for use with futurerestore, and nonceEnabler provides that ability. Nearly all newer jailbreaks provide their own simpler ways of setting a generator, and they do not need to use nonceEnabler, nor this guide. If your device is not currently jailbroken on an old firmware such as the ones mentioned in this guide, and/or has its own method of setting a generator, refer instead to our main futurerestore guides.

Facebook reinstates Cydia app, allowing users to log in and view past purchases again

A substantial number of veteran jailbreakers who relied on Cydia’s ‘Log in with Facebook’ mechanism to access their previous jailbreak tweak and extension purchases were met with frustration after the feature appeared to stop working last June.

Fortunately, the problem now appears to be fixed, as noted by a couple of Tweets shared just this weekend by Cydia creator Jay Freeman, also known more colloquially to the jailbreak community as Saurik:

Saurik updates Cydia Substrate to v0.9.7111 to address another bug

Saurik released yet another update for the Cydia Substrate tweak injection package on Saturday in a move to help improve the software’s overall reliability and stability with day-to-day use.

The latest update, coined version 0.9.7111, is said to fix a problem that Saurik purportedly introduced in the older 0.9.7109 update. Saurik notes in the newest change log that the update intended to solve a problem with an earlier update, but inadvertently un-fixed a totally different issue in doing so:

Saurik responds to asinine claim that recent Cydia Substrate updates are about competition

If you’ve spent any time brushing up on your jailbreak news over the past couple of months, then you likely noticed that Jay Freeman, also commonly known as Saurik, has released a plethora of updates for Cydia Substrate recently.

Those who know their jailbreak facts will know that the Cydia Substrate package isn’t one to normally receive a ton of updates. As such, many jumped to the conclusion that Saurik may be trying to modernize Cydia Substrate solely for competitive purposes as other tweak injection methods gain steam on alternative jailbreaks. A statement recently released by Saurik reveals that this couldn’t be further from the truth…

Parcility is an upcoming website & API for browsing jailbreak repositories

In most scenarios, someone with the desire to view jailbreak apps and tweaks would need to fire up their jailbroken device and launch a package manager such as Cydia, Installer, Sileo, or Zebra to do so. Sometimes, however, you might fancy searching for specific packages hosted on your favorite repositories even when your jailbroken device isn’t in reach, and this poses unique challenges in and of itself.

An upcoming website and API dubbed Parcility will strive to make all of this information readily available from virtually any web browser, whether you’re using a personal computer or a non-jailbroken device to browse jailbreak-centric repositories. Citing the concept’s release post on /r/jailbreak, Parcility will index more than 600 individual repositories, and this equates to a whole lot of browsing power.

Saurik updates Cydia Substrate again with additional stability-centric fixes

Following a chain of recent updates to the Cydia Substrate package this past weekend, Saurik issued yet another update late last night with notable bug fixes and changes. The latest update brings the tweak injection method up to version 0.9.7110.

The change log comments via Cydia Substrate’s official package depiction are particularly extensive for this release, and are as follows:

Cydia Substrate & Substrate Safe Mode receive twin updates with improvements

After a brief hiatus from last month’s rush of Cydia Substrate updates, Saurik appears to be at it again. Starting this morning, checkra1n jailbreak users should be able to refresh their sources and see two notable new updates including Cydia Substrate version 0.9.7108 and Substrate Safe Mode version 0.9.6004.

Both packages are especially important for the checkra1n jailbreak, as one drives tweak injection while the other serves as the last line of defense between jailbreak tweak failures and the possibility of a consequential boot loop. Fortunately, these packages work in tandem to permit jailbreak tweak usage in a safe environment.

How to get Cydia on the Odyssey jailbreak

Just as promised, the Electra Team’s new Odyssey jailbreak for iOS 13.0-13.5 lets users install Saurik’s tried and true Cydia package manager (and others) alongside the jailbreak’s default Sileo package manager.

While some people prefer the Sileo experience over Cydia, the fact remains that many remain loyal to the package manager they’re most familiar with. With that in mind, we’ll be showing you how you can install Cydia on your Odyssey or Odysseyra1n device in this step-by-step tutorial.

Cydia Substrate updated to v0.9.7103 with additional bug fixes

Following a Cydia Substrate update on Wednesday that improved hooking and added preliminary support for iOS 14, the package received a second update early Thursday morning, this time bringing it up to version 0.9.7103.

Cydia Substrate is used for tweak injection on both the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreaks, albeit only up to A11 devices for the latter as Cydia Substrate doesn’t support A12 or newer handsets. If you’re using a supported platform, then this update is available from Sam Bingner’s default repository and should appear after refreshing your sources.

Sam Bingner teases Cydia on iOS 14

Apple officially unveiled iOS and iPadOS 14 for the first time on Monday as a part of its WWDC 2020 Keynote, and just this morning, checkra1n team co-developer Dany Lisiansky teased a screenshot of the checkra1n jailbreak working on an iPhone running iOS 14. If the words “that was fast” uttered from your mouth upon seeing this, then you’re not alone.

Lisiansky admitted that there was still a lot more work that needed to be completed before checkra1n could be deemed iOS 14-compatible, but as you might come to expect, things are progressing rather quickly thanks to the unique talent encompassed within the checkra1n team. Just this evening, checkra1n team co-developer Sam Bingner teased a screenshot of the Cydia package manager operating on an iPhone X running iOS 14:

Cydia updated to v1.1.35 with another crash fix relating to hardware keyboards

Jailbreakers who are taking advantage of either the checkra1n or unc0ver jailbreak would do good to launch the Cydia app and refresh their sources this morning. It seems that Cydia received yet another update late last night, this time bringing the tried and true package manager up to version 1.1.35.

From what we can gather, Cydia v1.1.35 was released specifically to fix a problem where the app could crash if the user was using a hardware keyboard on iOS & iPadOS 13.5 as opposed to using the operating system’s built-in software keyboard.