Apple announces ‘Shot on iPhone’ contest

Apple today announced the 'Shot on iPhone Challenge,' inviting iPhone users from around the globe to submit their best shots for a chance to be featured on billboards, in retail stores and online. Submissions will be accepted from January 22 to February 7, and Apple says a panel of judges will be selecting 10 winning photos.

Enter Leo’s Fortune Hardcore Challenge for a chance to win an iPad mini

By now, some of you will have already completed the fantastic new platform game Leo’s Fortune, which also means that some of you are probably on the path to beating the game in Hardcore mode. So far, no one has managed to beat the game this way yet. If you manage to make it all the way to the end of the game without dying, you might win an iPad mini.

The game’s creators are offering fans of Leo’s Fortune the chance to win big by beating the game in Hardcore mode. So, you’d better take a week off of work, get your MFi game controller charged up and get going. Someone is going to win this contest, and it might as well be you…

Mobile Photography Awards now accepting entries for this year’s contest

We're big fans of iPhoneography here at iDB—you've probably noticed our weekly segment on the subject. We love learning different tricks and techniques to help us take better-looking photos with our iPhones, and then sharing them with others.

So with that in mind, we thought we'd pass along the news that the MPA has begun accepting submissions for its 3rd annual Mobile Photography Awards. The contest is the largest of its kind, open to everyone, and features $15,000 in cash and prizes...

Meet the girl who downloaded the 25 billionth iOS app

Earlier this month, Apple's 25 billion app countdown contest came to an end. The winner, a Ms. Fu Chunli, was awarded a $10,000 iTunes gift card for downloading the 25 billionth app from the App Store — Where's My Water.

Up until now, not much was known about the China native. But that quickly changed this morning with a report from M.I.C. Gadget, which gives an in-depth look at the contest winner and how her life has changed in the last 20 days...

App Store 25 billionth app download winner announced

Where's My Water? How about "where's my $10,000 iTunes Gift Card?" That's likely what a fortunate person from Qingdao, China is thinking after being revealed as the winner of Apple's App Store Countdown to 25 Billion Apps.

Winner Chunli Fu's perfect timing when downloading Where's My Water? Free yielded a virtual goldmine by App Store standards. Something tells me they'll have no problem purchasing the $0.99 version of Where's My Water? now...

These Videos Took First Place in the 2011 Original iPhone Film Festival

Last Summer we told you about  the Original iPhone Film Festival. The contest only had two rules of entry: the contestants must shoot their entire video with an iOS device, and the clip could not exceed 4 and 1/2 minutes.

Well it took a little while, but the winners of the Film Festival have finally been chosen. Continue reading to see the four videos that took home first place in their respective categories...

The Original iPhone Film Festival

Do you enjoy making movies with your iPhone? (No, not those kinds of movies.) Well, there's a new contest going on for all of you budding Steven Spielbergs out there.

The Original iPhone Film Festival is in full swing and is accepting entries from anyone with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Think you have what it takes to win? Hit the jump for contest details and prize information...

PirateFleet for Friends: Battle Your Friends on the High Seas [Sponsored]

Who doesn't love pirates? A new game called PirateFleet for Friends, by UnitedToy, lets you battle your friends in a game of sinking ships and snatching treasure.

PirateFleet for Friends can best be described as a mix between Hanging With Friends and Battleship. You play against your online friends in a series of games involving the sinking of your opponent's ships. Arg, matey!

T-Mobile Challenges iPhone Users in Seattle Area, Offers $1000 Prize

Want to win $1000? Well, you can if you live in the Seattle area and your iPhone bandwidth speeds are faster than T-Mobile's new flagship Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S 4G.

T-Mobile is publicly challenging all iPhone owners (Verizon and AT&T) in the Seattle area to a speed test against the T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G. T-Mobile states that if any iPhone user in that area is able to beat the Galaxy S 4G in a speed test, they will reward them with a $1,000 cash prize.

Woman Hangs Up on $10,000 iTunes Gift Card Phone Call

When Orpington, England resident Gail Davis tapped "install" to download Paper Glider, she got a free game. Unbeknownst to her, the install also yielded her a $10,000 iTunes gift card; the result of being the 10 billionth app downloaded in the history of the App Store.

I guess you could say that Davis had impeccable timing. Unfortunately her timing skills didn't carry over to an extremely timely phone call; one from Eddy Cue, Apple’s VP of iTunes.

You see, Davis mistakenly perceived the phone call to be nothing more than a prank, so she hung up the phone...

iPhone App Review: Ninja Bounce

Ninja Bounce [iTunes link] created by JellyOasis is a survival game and continues my trend of reviewing awesome Ninja-related iPhone games (e.g. Ninjump and Veggie Samurai). This is really a fun game that adds a couple new dimensions to the survival genre. Instead of slicing and dicing like most Ninja games, this game takes a different approach to the Ninja's skills, the jump (or as Indiana Jones would call it, The Leap of Faith!)

The concept is simple: you must correctly tap on either the two points on the screen that correlates to the specific point of the game. Your Ninja will be constantly moving, however; the length between jumps is directly related to correctly tapping on the right button...