How to use Find People or Find My Friends on Apple Watch

Find People App on Apple Watch List

If you use the Find My app on iPhone, iPad, or Mac, then you have a similar tool for locating people with your Apple Watch. On watchOS 6 or later, the app is called Find People and on watchOS 5 or earlier, it’s Find My Friends. But both apps do the same thing and can help you track down your loved ones.

If you just got your first Apple Watch or simply haven’t used the app yet, here’s how to use Find People or Find My Friends on your Apple Watch.

How to assign Reminders in shared lists on iPhone and iPad

Edit Reminder Assignment iPad

The Reminders app has given users the ability to share lists for some time now. And while sharing a list that you can work on with a coworker or family member is handy, something’s been missing. As of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, you can assign reminders to other people.

This is an excellent enhancement to the Reminders app for those who work with others to complete tasks, to-dos, and projects of all sizes. So, open Reminders to your honey-do or business-related list; this tutorial shows you how to assign reminders with shared lists.

Access your favorite contacts from anywhere in iOS with QuickConnect

By now, most folks already know that iOS 14 will permit users to pin their favorite conversations at the top of the Messages app. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could pin your favorite contacts to various parts of iOS system wide as opposed to being confined to just one app?

That’s the thinking behind a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed QuickConnect by iOS developer Elias Sfeir, and as depicted in the screenshot examples above, the tweak lets users pin their favorite contacts to frequently used parts of the iOS platform, including the App Switcher and the Lock Screen.

How to remove the row of suggested contacts from the iPhone and iPad share sheet

Two iPhone images with one showing contacts suggestion in the share sheet and the other image with no row of contacts in the share sheet

When you tap the share icon in iOS apps like Photos, you see the multi-purpose share sheet or the activity view. Do you see contact suggestions here and wish to get rid of them? Follow along as we show you how to disable contact suggestions in the iOS share sheet on your iPhone and iPad with just a few simple steps. This increases your privacy and also makes the share sheet less dense.

How to import contacts from a SIM card to iPhone

Settings Contacts iPhone

If you have a SIM card containing contacts that you want to put on your iPhone, this is easy and only takes a few minutes.

First, make sure that the SIM card you have will fit into your iPhone. To find out which size SIM card you can use with your iPhone, check out Apple’s support page.

Now, if you know the card fits, here’s how to import the contacts from that SIM card to your iPhone.

This tweak gives the iPhone’s Phone app a pleasant facelift

The Phone app that comes pre-installed on every iPhone from the factory sports a barebones and simplistic design that just works. Given its tried and true reputation, the Phone app hasn’t seen many changes over the years, and some might even argue that it’s getting a bit stale.

If you’re jailbroken, then the good news is that you don’t have to settle for a boring Phone app anymore. A newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed Bongwater by iOS developer qwertyuiop1379 breathes new life into the Phone app by bringing a highly requested Phone app redesign concept to life.

How to set up your Emergency Contacts on iPhone

Set up Emergency Contacts iPhone - lifesaver on wood

We get used to handing out our emergency contacts at doctor’s offices, hospitals, and the like. But how many of us take the time to set them up on our device?

Having your emergency contacts set and ready on your iPhone can be an enormous help when you need them. Whether you have a health condition that can put you in danger or not doesn’t really matter. It’s about having that insurance at your fingertips.

In this tutorial we’ll show you a few quick ways you can set up the emergency contacts on your iPhone. Since it only takes a minute or two, it’s worth your time. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use them, but if you do, they’ll be ready.

How to use Siri suggestions in the Mail app on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Siri Suggestion in Mail iPhone

You might be used to using Siri on your device by invoking the digital assistant yourself. But in the Mail app, Siri can do things for you without you asking. This includes calling out events to add to your Calendar and people to add to your Contacts.

If this is new to you, we’ll show you how to use Siri suggestions in the Mail app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Keyboard shortcuts for Contacts on Mac

MacBook keyboard - Contacts app keyboard shortcuts

Looking for quicker and easier ways to navigate the Contacts app on your Mac? With keyboard shortcuts, you can create a new contact or group, edit a contact card, or even import contacts from another app.

Here are several keyboard shortcuts you can use for the Contacts app on Mac.

This tweak keeps you mindful about your Contacts’ timezones

Depending on how many friends or family members you have, chances are that not all of them reside in the same time zone. This can cause headaches when trying to determine when or when not to text somebody, as you almost certainly want a timely response, but also don’t want to wake that person up in the middle of (their) night.

Here to help with this dilemma is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak called ContactTime by iOS developer lint. Just as the tweak’s name implies, ContactTime integrates a full-fledged timezone tool into your Contacts list, and if that wasn’t neat enough, the tweak Even lists your contacts’ time zones in the Messages app for you to see at all times.