Resurrection is the Phone app you deserve, and that Apple didn’t deliver

Apple goes above and beyond to make the iOS platform more enjoyable with every major yearly iteration, but one facet of the operating system that hasn’t changed very much over the years is the Phone app’s native interface.

If you’re in the market for a modernized Phone app interface that will make all your friends jealous, then you might want to look at a new jailbreak tweak release called Resurrection by Hyperixa.

Resurrection does away with the boring dial pad and replaces it with an interactive one with customizable pinned favorite contacts, a compact dial interface, and more.

The customizable pinned favorite contacts can each be assigned their own avatar and nickname. Tapping on one brings you directly to that person’ contact details so that you can quickly select the best contact method from one convenient place.

If that wasn’t cool enough, you can also swipe the customizable pinned favorite contact avatars away to see a full contact list. In this list, by entering phone number digits, Resurrection filters matching contact numbers from the rest.

Once installed, Resurrection won’t add any new options to the Settings app to configure, but you will instead be able to configure the tweak’s options from the dedicated Hyperixa app that can be had from the same repository as the Resurrection jailbreak tweak:

Here, users will be able to:

  • Watch a video tutorial
  • Enable or disable Resurrection on demand
  • Configure Resurrection

In the Configuration preference pane, these are the options users will be greeted by:

The list of options includes:

  • Customizing the Phone app’s navigation bar title
  • Hiding or showing favorite contacts as the primary
  • Adjusting the accent color
  • Adjusting the avatar initial color
  • Adjusting the avatar initial title color
  • Adjusting the highlight color
  • Adjusting the call button color
  • Adjusting the add contact button color
  • Adjusting the delete contact button color

It seems like Hyperixa knows how to improve native Apple interfaces, sometimes even in ways that makes Apple’s efforts seem minimal at best. Having said that, Resurrection is the next best way to have a modernized Phone app when Apple doesn’t seem to be making any notable moves.

If you’re interested in trying Resurrection out for yourself, then you can purchase the tweak for $2.00 from the Hyperixa repository for the first week, after which the price will rise to $2.50. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

Those not already taking advantage of the new Hyperixa repository can add it to their package manager app of choice by using the URL provided below:

Do you have any plans to try the new Resurrection jailbreak tweak, or do you prefer the simpler Apple Phone app? Be sure to give us your side of the story in the comments section down below.