Camera Plus

Camera+ picks up improvements ahead of ‘cool new things’ in forthcoming iOS 8 update

My favorite iPhone photography application, Camera+ by a developer called Tap tap tap, has received a few very nice additions ahead of an upcoming iOS 8 update.

Camera+ 5.2, a free update for existing users, contains several bug fixes while introducing a new adjustment to the Vignette effect, improvements to the Soft Focus and Film Grain effects and the Clarity Pro feature and more.

Oh, and this version has fixed broken Flickr sharing stemming from a recent change to the way third-party apps like Camera+ access Yahoo's photo-sharing service...

Camera+ 5.1 lands with new Boost feature, 16×9 shooting mode, Lab refinements and more

iPhone photography fans, pay notice: following a major iOS 7 revamp, developer Taptaptap has delivered the first major update for its popular Camera+ app, a $1.99 download in the App Store.

Camera+ 5.1 brings out several refinements to The Lab feature, as well as some nice improvements and a pair of new features: a new 16x9 shooting mode for taking widescreen photos and a new Boost option for more intense filters.

As you'd expect, the team has also fixed a number of bugs such as a nasty API issue which caused apps like Day One to not work properly with Camera+...

Camera+ 5.0 is out with iOS 7-style redesign, wallpaper composer, new tools and filters

If you're an iPhone photography fan and follow me here on iDownloadBlog, chances are you've by now figured out that Taptaptap's Camera+ is my go-to photography application for the iPhone and iPad.

After failing to jump on the initial iOS 7 app update bus, the team has finally pushed a major update for the iPhone and iPod touch edition that includes substantial iOS 7-makeover along with the flattened app icon and a bunch - and I really mean a bunch - of new tools and filters.

Jump past the fold for the full reveal...

Camera+ updated with full-resolution burst-mode and new filter pack

Camera+ users that have been having problems with the app crashing during burst-mode shooting will be happy to hear that the problem has been fixed. Developers tap tap tap issued an update today, bringing the app to version 4.2.

In addition to the burst-mode bug fix, the app also received a booster shot for the popular feature: your burst-mode snaps are now taken in high-resolution (for compatible devices), and a new filter pack. Release notes after the fold...

Camera+ update brings exposure compensation, additional sharing options and more

My favorite iOS camera app, Taptaptap's Camera+, has received a major, major update this morning. In addition to the flattened appearance that removes clutter and gets rid of skeuomorphism in favor of iOS-friendly look and feel, Camera+ 4 can now (finally) post images to social services beyond Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Specifically, you can publish your touch ups to Instagram, Evernote and Dropbox. Also new: the ability to print images wirelessly using any AirPrint-compatible printer connected to the same network as your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad device and more.

We're only getting started so I've included the full list of changes and enhancements in Camera+ 4.0 right past the fold...

Camera+ brings effects layering to iPhone, new Hollywood filters and borders

My favorite iPhone photography software, taptaptap's Camera+ for the iPhone and iPad, has been updated today with some long-expected improvements. Specifically, the tremendously useful effects layering feature, which was first added to Camera+ for iPad last September, is now at last available on the iPhone. Now the new Camera+ 3.9 for iPhone finally lets me layer two or more effects for unique results, with each layer having its own intensity.

Effects layering is non-destructive (your originals are always preserved) and indispensable for complex touch-ups or creating your own custom effects. In addition to that, both the iPad and iPhone build now comes with a brand new effects pack and contains other improvements, all mentioned right after the jump...

Camera+ finally gains full-res sharing

Camera+'s inability to share snaps at full resolution on Facebook has been ticking me off for some time. I prefer to share my images in full-res whenever possible, but the otherwise perfect Camera+ app stubbornly kept insisting on reducing my uploads to a paltry 1,024 pixels horizontally.

Thankfully, the annoying limitation is gone now. What's more, developer tap tap tap has also bumped up the quality a bit for Twitter, Message and web link sharing, meaning you’ll get higher quality shares even if you don’t change a thing.

The iPad version now does a better job handling atypical image formats and the team is already talking about the upcoming version 3.8, "which is right around the corner".

In addition to "a few other really cool things", this will be the update you've been waiting for, one that will finally converge the features in both iPhone and iPad version of the program...

Camera+ receives a massive update

Tap tap tap's Camera+, my favorite go-to iPhone photography app which in September finally got a dedicated iPad version, today received a massive update, bringing a number of new features. Version 3.6, for starters, brings accurate framing on the iPhone 5 for capturing snaps exactly as you see them - no more viewfinder cropping. Advanced users will love the new Live Exposure feature which displays ISO and shutter speed change in real-time.

You also get flash of sorts when using the front-facing camera. It's a trick akin to PhotoBooth on the Mac as the screen goes white for a moment to light up your face in darkness before the shutter-release. Another welcome addition: the horizon level feature for those who have trouble taking a straight photo. As you'd expect, the updated app also brings the obligatory bug fixes, minor improvements and a dozen tweaks that lead to a much better overall experience. Go past the fold for the full release notes...

Camera Awesome hits iPad, Camera+ gains iPhone 5 low-light boost mode

Taptaptap's Camera+ and SmugMug's Camera Awesome are like the two most important photography and image editing apps in my arsenal. Both have been refreshed this morning, but don't let a minor version update fool you as each app enables major enhancements that add help add flair to iPhone photography.

Following in the footsteps of Taptaptap, SmugMug's Camera Awesome has been updated with native iPad support. At the same time, Taptaptap (which recently released CAmera+ for iPad and gave the iPhone version iCloud sync and other new features) has updated Camera+ for iPhone with the cool low-light boost mode Apple debuted on the iPhone 5...

Camera+ for iPad is here: layers, brushes, straightening, Flickr and Facebook importing

The software isn't just blown up to the iPad's 9.7-inch canvas, it also comes with new features specific to the iPad version only. Combined with freshly updated Camera+ for iPhone, you can now seamlessly sync your Lightbox between your iPhones and iPads via iCloud. iPad-specific features include new advanced filters, the straightening feature (finally!), brush on effects, layered effects (mix “So Emo” with “Tailfins”) and the ability to import your images from Flickr and Facebook...

Camera+ updated with iCloud sync, Facebook single sign-on, taller iPhone 5 interface

Taptaptap's Camera+ sold over nine million copies since its inception in June of 2010 and it's remained my favorite go-to photography app ever since. A major new version just hit the App Store this morning, bringing several new features.

Most notably, version 3.5 enables iCloud sync and Facebook sharing with single sign-on. The former lets you automatically sync your Lightbox between devices and the latter simplifies Facebook authorization.

And best of all, the team confirms that Camera+ for iPad is around the corner. Count us excited!