Camera+ finally gains full-res sharing

Camera+’s inability to share snaps at full resolution on Facebook has been ticking me off for some time. I prefer to share my images in full-res whenever possible, but the otherwise perfect Camera+ app stubbornly kept insisting on reducing my uploads to a paltry 1,024 pixels horizontally.

Thankfully, the annoying limitation is gone now. What’s more, developer tap tap tap has also bumped up the quality a bit for Twitter, Message and web link sharing, meaning you’ll get higher quality shares even if you don’t change a thing.

The iPad version now does a better job handling atypical image formats and the team is already talking about the upcoming version 3.8, “which is right around the corner”.

In addition to “a few other really cool things”, this will be the update you’ve been waiting for, one that will finally converge the features in both iPhone and iPad version of the program…

As the enclosed screenshot depicts, you can now choose between High, Normal and Optimized photo quality in the app’s settings interface. The previous Full toggle has been renamed Normal.

What you’re looking for is the newly added High setting, which tells the app to save photos to both your camera roll and your connected social accounts at full size.

Of course, this setting requires the most storage space and results in the slowest sharing as the images take longer to upload at their full resolution.

If you’re serious about iPhone photography, you’ll always save and share your snaps at the highest quality available. That’s why I only purchase the most capacious iOS devices: my photography workflow entails taking tons of images so I typically need at least a 32 gig device to keep current photos on my device.

Keep in mind that each social networks imposes its own limitations in terms of upload size. For example, sharing an eight-megapixel 2,448-by-3,264 pixel resolution photo taken on your iPhone 4S/5 to Facebook will result in an image scaled down to 2,048 pixels horizontally (hey, talk to Mark Zuckerberg!).

Developers note in a blog post that Camera+ version 3.7 also introduces optimizations to the recently added Front Flash feature. In case you were wondering, Front Flash is akin to Photo Booth on your Mac in that the screen goes white for a moment to light up your face in darkness before the shutter-release.

What you end up with is a better looking self-portrait in low-light situations, like the bellow example.

“We did it because we care that you get the best results when you’re sexting”, reads the post.

Camera+ for iPhone or iPod touch will set you back 99 cents.

A standalone version optimized for the iPad and iPad mini is an additional five bucks, now on sale for a limited time and costing only $0.99.