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The best apps for car shopping on iPhone and iPad

Car Buying Apps - CarsDotCom

Things certainly have changed when it comes to shopping. You no longer have to deal with traffic, crowds, and checkout lines. You can buy almost anything you want online or from an app. So when you’re ready to purchase a new vehicle, why not do it the same way?

Now of course, you’ll want to see that car in person, take it for a test drive, and make sure it’s in great condition, especially if it’s used. But you can get a jumpstart on your vehicle purchase with a handy app on your iOS device.

These car buying apps for iPhone and iPad let you find the right vehicle for you before you head out the door to see it. Instead of traveling from one car lot to another, check out these convenient apps for finding a new vehicle.

The best apps for kids to learn sight words on iPhone and iPad

Apps for Sight Words - Phonics Reading

Teaching children to recognize sight words is important when they’re just learning to read. Knowing those common words that they can spot easily and not have to sound out helps them focus on tougher words.

For helping the youngster in your life, you can download sight word apps for iPhone and iPad. These digital tools can reinforce what they learn from you and their teachers. Plus, apps like these give them fun and entertaining ways to learn, which makes education more interesting.

Take a look at this list of apps for kids to learn sight words and see which one or more you think your child would enjoy!

The best apps for tracing letters on iPhone and iPad

Apps for tracing letters - ABC for Toddlers

When you’re little one is ready to start learning to write, fun and entertaining apps can help. Colorful shapes, cute characters, and enjoyable sounds can make learning more interesting for kids. These letter tracing apps for iPhone and iPad are terrific tools to encourage your child to learn the alphabet and write each letter correctly.

The best classical music apps for iPhone and iPad

Classical music apps iPhone - IDAGIO

If you enjoy listening to classical music, you can use Apple Music to find stations and composers you love. But you can also check out apps specifically for the classics. From Pachelbel's Canon in D to Mozart’s Symphony No. 40 in G minor, you can find wonderful works like these with apps that dedicate themselves to the classics.

Here, we have a list of the best iPhone apps for classical music just for you. Whether you listen regularly or only once in a while, you’re sure to find one that suits you.

The best free apps for creating podcasts on Mac

Podcast creator apps for Mac - Spreaker Studio

If you want to get into podcasting, then you need to start with a recording tool. And if you’re a true beginner, then you may not know exactly which features you want in that tool yet. Before you spend money on an app that you end up wishing you hadn’t later, why not look at some free podcasting apps for Mac?

With a free app, you can check out features, see which ones you like and which you don’t, and then continue with it or upgrade to find more robust. To help you start your own show, here are some terrific free Mac apps for creating podcasts.

The best free diagram apps for Mac

ClickCharts Fishbone Diagram on Mac

You’ll find plenty of diagram apps for Mac; they come in all shapes and sizes. Tools like OmniGraffle 7 and Diagrams are great options if you’re going to create diagrams regularly and don’t mind spending a few bucks. And of course, online diagram makers like Lucidchart and Cacoo are also terrific, if you don’t mind a web-based tool.

But if you only plan to make a diagram occasionally and want a downloadable app so you can work offline, what are your options? We’ve listed some of the best free diagram apps for Mac available on the App Store. This lets you use a tool at no charge, before you spend your cash, and without an internet connection.

The best free educational AR apps for adults on iPhone and iPad

Educational AR apps - Apollos Moon Shot AR Inside a Moon Portal

With augmented reality (AR) apps, you can put objects right in front of you. We’ve already shown you some of the best AR apps for home design. These apps let you see what furniture, wall décor, and more look like in your own home before you shell out the cash.

If you want to take augmented reality a step further, check out these free educational AR apps for your iPhone or iPad. You can discover constellations and stars, use a geometric calculator, explore historic civilizations, and even learn to draw.

Take advantage of technology and expand your mind at the same time with these educational augmented reality apps.

The best free anatomy apps for Mac for medical students

Anatomy Apps for Mac - Complete Anatomy 21

If you are studying for a career in the medical field, then human anatomy is likely in your curriculum. And while you probably have the references you need like books and online tools, sometimes an extra one can be beneficial.

These free anatomy apps are terrific tools. You can use them to study what you’ve learned, delve into an area that’s new, or as references for research or assignments. If you’re looking for an app to accompany your other learning tools, check out these anatomy apps for Mac.

The best AR home design apps for iPhone and iPad

AR home design apps for iPhone and iPad - Primer

Whether you want to redesign one room or all of them, it can be hard to know if a product you find will look right in your home. But with great technological advances, you can find out if the paint and wallpaper match your carpet or if the dining set will fit in your space using augmented reality (AR).

These AR apps for home design are just the tickets to remodeling or redesigning your home or apartment. They put the products right in your room so you can get a firsthand look. AR apps on iPhone are new to a lot of people. So if you’re one of them, we want to help you decorate your living space with the best home design AR apps for your device.

The best apartment and home rental apps on iPhone

Apartment Rental Apps - HotPads on iPhone

Finding a new place to live can be a job in itself. Whether you’re looking for a large family home or small apartment for yourself, you want easy tools to find the right spot. These days, you don’t have to scour the real estate section of the local newspaper searching for available rentals; just use your mobile device.

These apps for apartment and house rentals on iPhone take much of the work out of finding a place to call home. You can browse listings, get rental details, see photos and take tours, and contact landlords, all in one spot. If you’re in the market for a new place to live, this list of iPhone and iPad apps can help.

The best educational iPhone apps for professional development

iPhone Business Development Apps - Coursera

Learning never stops. And when it comes to your business career, keeping your skills honed and knowledge of your industry in tip-top shape is key. Maybe it’s time for you to brush up on some skills, learn news ones, or just refresh your business mind.

We know you don’t have a lot of time to sit down in a classroom or even your home office to take an online class. But on your iPhone or iPad, you can learn when you have that time. A few extra minutes here and there might be all you need. For you, here are the best educational apps for professional and business development.

The best apps for kids’ books on iPhone and iPad

Apps for Kids Books iPad iPhone - ReadingIQ

If you have a child who enjoys reading, maybe you're using some of the apps we recommended to help them learn, then you’ll want to take a look at this app list. We’ve gathered some of the best apps for kids’ books for iPhone and iPad.

These apps provide books just for your little one. So whether they’re interested in animals, TV characters, vehicles, or something totally different, you’ll find books for them. This helps to foster their love of reading and keeps them entertained with something they enjoy.

To keep your child interested in reading, improving their reading skills, and show them that a book can be a wonderful tool to encourage their imagination, check out these apps for kids’ books.