The best free educational AR apps for adults on iPhone and iPad

Apollos Moon Shot AR Inside a Moon Portal - educational AR apps

With augmented reality (AR) apps, you can put objects right in front of you. We’ve already shown you some of the best AR apps for home design. These apps let you see what furniture, wall décor, and more look like in your own home before you shell out the cash.

If you want to take augmented reality a step further, check out these free educational AR apps for your iPhone or iPad. You can discover constellations and stars, use a geometric calculator, explore historic civilizations, and even learn to draw.

Take advantage of technology and expand your mind at the same time with these educational augmented reality apps.

Educational AR apps for iPhone and iPad

Not sure if augmented reality is for you? Check out these free AR apps for iPhone to see if you like it before you delve deeper by buying one.

Night Sky

Night Sky on iPad

The Night Sky app is an amazing tool with tons of features for those who enjoy exploring stars, constellations, planets, and more from our galaxy.

Night Sky AR features include blending the night sky you see with the app’s sky map. Use the compass to align it with the real sky, see constellations as unique forms by zooming in and out, and tap to get information on everything in view.

Wouldn’t you love a guide to the sky that offers satellite flyover notifications, internal structures of the planets, extensive sky maps, fun quizzes, and a widget for your Home screen? Night Sky offers these features and others, for not solely augmented reality, but a complete galactical learning experience.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and iMessage
  • Cost: Free with a premium version that gives you features like Night Sky tours, Aurora mapping, and upgraded star viewing

Apollo’s Moon Shot AR

Apollos Moon Shot AR on iPhone

For more from above, Apollo’s Moon Shot AR app puts you right in the space missions of the 60’s. 2019 marked the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, so if you missed this app’s release then, it’s not too late to enjoy it.

Apollo’s Moon Shot AR features include walking through a portal to the moon, suiting up for the trip, landing your craft on the moon, and taking a selfie while you’re there. And each offers unique features within its AR experience.

You can also check out videos, take a quiz to test your knowledge, learn more about Apollo 11, read about the missions, and see terrific photos of it all. From Smithsonian Channel, Apollo’s Moon Shot AR is a fantastic way to explore that historic event right from your living room.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web
  • Cost: Free

Also, check out the JFK Moonshot for a similar AR experience from the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation.

Civilisations AR

Civilisations AR on iPad

Travel back in time and around the world to learn about civilizations through art exploration with Civilisations AR from BBC Media. From ancient Egypt to the Renaissance, you’ll discover fascinating treasures from cultures you’ve only read about.

Civilisations AR features include rotating, scaling, and moving the artifacts. You can tap to read about it, snap a photo of it, or learn more by selecting significant hotspots on it. You can even help restore objects like the Corinthian Helmet from Greece or listen to what an object was used for like the Octopus Storage Jar from Crete.

For an interesting way to learn about the past as well as places around the globe, Civilisations AR is an easy to use, lovely to look at, and enjoyable app.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web
  • Cost: Free

GeoGebra 3D Calculator

GeoGebra 3D Calculator on iPhone

For math and science buffs, place an object anywhere in your room, walk around it, and view intersections, points, and graphs with the GeoGebra 3D Calculator AR app.

GeoGebra 3D Calculator AR features include creating and placing solids, spheres, and planes. Get intersection points, plot functions, and watch it all work together before your eyes. You can also save and share your results from the app.

If you want a neat way to solve math problems and create geometric shapes in 3D using augmented reality, take GeoGebra 3D Calculator for a spin in your dorm room or living room.

  • Availability: iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web
  • Cost: Free

Another helpful AR app like this one is Shapes 3D – Create Geometry AR, which is also available for free on iPhone and iPad.

More educational AR apps

Here are a few additional augmented reality apps to help you learn on your iOS device.

Wrapping it up

Learning about anything is usually more enjoyable when it’s interesting. And these educational AR apps for iPhone and iPad are just that. From the moon and stars to civilizations and science, hopefully there’s an app on this list that you’ll check out. So if you do, please let us know your thoughts on it!

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