The best free apps for creating podcasts on Mac

If you want to get into podcasting, then you need to start with a recording tool. And if you’re a true beginner, then you may not know exactly which features you want in that tool yet. Before you spend money on an app that you end up wishing you hadn’t later, why not look at some free podcasting apps for Mac?

With a free app, you can check out features, see which ones you like and which you don’t, and then continue with it or upgrade to find more robust. To help you start your own show, here are some terrific free Mac apps for creating podcasts.

Creating podcasts on Mac

Podcast Studio

Podcast Studio app on Mac

Probably the best app on the App Store to start your podcasting journey on Mac is Podcast Studio. Record, edit, and publish your podcasts with a single tool.

Podcast Studio features:

  • Connect your contacts to add people to your podcasts.
  • Include theme music, sound effects, and ads in your episodes.
  • Enjoy useful features like the use of Chapters, AudioMagic (for quality audio), and direct submission to podcast hosting services.

Podcast Studio offers a 14-day free trial which is a decent amount of time to try it out. After that, you can check out the paid subscription plans if you feel the app is the right one for you.

  • Availability: Mac and iPhone
  • Cost: Free 14-day trial with paid Bronze and Silver subscription plans

Spreaker Studio

Spreaker Studio app on Mac

If you don’t mind snagging an app from the creator’s website instead of the Mac App Store, then definitely check out Spreaker Studio. You can record episodes offline and publish them later or broadcast live for your social media followers.

Spreaker Studio features:

  • Manage your tracks, audio input and output sources, and auto-ducking.
  • Add sound effects as you record from the same interface.
  • Open the Chat sidebar to interact with listeners if you’re broadcasting live.

Spreaker Studio is an awesome app for beginning podcasters as well as seasoned ones. You’ll enjoy the easy-to-use, all-inclusive interface and various options and features.

  • Availability: Mac, iPhone, and the web
  • Cost: Free with paid subscription plans for additional features

Easy Audio Recorder Lite

Easy Audio Recorder Lite app on Mac

Easy Audio Recorder Lite is a simple yet useful tool for podcasting. Click the button to start recording, save your WAV file, and then upload it wherever it needs to go.

Easy Audio Recorder Lite features:

  • Adjust settings like the input device, sample rate, and channels.
  • Send the audio file via email right from the app.
  • Record easily with a compact and intuitive interface.

As you can probably tell by the name, Easy Audio Recorder Lite is a limited feature version of a paid app Easy Audio Recorder. If you need features like high-quality audio and the ability to save in other formats like M4A, FLAC, AIFF, and CAF, check out the upgrade.

  • Availability: Mac
  • Cost: Free with a paid version


GarageBand for Podcasts on Mac

GarageBand is certainly an app you should check out for podcasts since it comes with your Mac. And if you’ve uninstalled it already, you can simply reinstall it for free on macOS.

GarageBand features:

  • Use the Sound Library to add effects to your podcasts.
  • Change the timing of your recording with the Flex Time feature.
  • Check out multi-take recording for the best finished product.

While GarageBand is intended for musicians and provides wonderful tools for creating music, give it a try for your podcast. You can record and edit your podcast episodes on any Apple device, which makes it even more convenient.

  • Availability: Mac, iPhone, and iPad
  • Cost: Free on Apple devices

Enhance your podcasts

If you would like additional tools to help create your podcasts, like sound effects and audio enhancements, check these Mac apps.

Wrapping it up

Finding a good podcast tool for creating your episodes can be tough for a beginner. Hopefully one of these apps will get you off to a solid start as a podcaster. But if you know of a different free or free-to-try app for making podcasts on Mac, please share it in the comments below!

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