Apple Pencil 2

My favorite accessories to use with the 2018 iPad Pro

It wasn’t long after Apple announced the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros that I went to my local Apple Store to pick one up. The idea of a USB-C-powered Apple tablet fascinated me, and it wasn’t long before I started gathering accessories to augment the iPad Pro experience.

In this piece, I’ll discuss my favorite accessories for my 11-inch iPad Pro. They’re in no specific order, but you will find a mix of first-party and third-party accessories below.

Using the new 2018 iPad Pro for school

iPad Pro for college

Our young video guy Harris Craycraft is a college student who doesn't shy away from using his Apple tablet for education. Quite the contrary, Harris is big on the new iPad Pro + Apple Pencil combo and has been vocal about the creativity and productivity afforded by the note-taking and sketching features of the Apple tablet. That's why we've asked him to put together a little video walkthrough to share how precisely he uses the latest iPad Pro at college.