More of my favorite accessories for the 2018 iPad Pro

The 2018 iPad Pro was (and still is) a game-changer for me, as it quickly became a mobile companion to my home computer when I first started using it. While the iPad Pro isn’t a complete laptop replacement by any stretch, it certainly makes it possible for me to leave home without my laptop at times; but like most things, the iPad Pro works best in tandem with great accessories.

Earlier this year, I compiled a roundup of my favorite accessories for the 2018 iPad Pro. But as you might come to expect, I’ve accumulated several more since that time that can seriously augment the iPad Pro user experience. With that in mind, I’m excited to share some more of my must-haves with you in this part-two roundup.

1) InvisibleShield Glass+ Screen Protector

Like with most iPads, the 2018 iPad Pro features a softer display glass that seemingly collects scratches much easier than any iPhone I’ve ever owned. That said, a screen protector seems like a no-brainer in this instance, primarily since I use the Apple Pencil quite often for drawing and markup.

When it comes to screen protectors, InvisibleShield is a brand I trust, and the Glass+ is a sturdy option for those who might be seeking a tempered glass screen covering with a lifetime replacement warranty.

What I like about the InvisibleShield Glass+ is that the surface seems harder than the factory iPad Pro glass, and so I don’t foresee it gathering scratches as quickly with typical use. If you’re in the same boat and would like some additional screen protection for your iPad Pro, then be sure to pick one of these bad boys up on Amazon for just $55-65 (depending on the size) with Prime shipping.

2) Urban Armor Gear Scout Case

I’m in love with the iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard Folio and the Apple Pencil, and while all sorts of brands are making Apple Pencil-compatible cases, I’ve been particularly hard-pressed to find one that supports Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio; that is, until Urban Armor Gear announced the Scout case earlier this year.

With the UAG Scout, I don’t have to give up my Smart Keyboard Folio experience as a tradeoff for protection. The case is fully compatible with the Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil, and it even offers a military-grade drop protection rating in the midst.

Since I’m not fond of third-party Bluetooth keyboards or all-in-one case/keyboard solutions that always need recharging, the UAG Scout case seemed like the ultimate solution that would still let me use Apple’s standard accessories and have that Made for iPad user experience without giving up the protection I needed. Based on my testing of the case, that’s precisely what it did.

If you’re like me and want to use all first-party accessories with your shiny iPad Pro, then you may want to give the UAG Scout case a try. It’s available on Amazon for $50-60 (depending on the size) with Prime shipping.

3) Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Projector

I’ve owned one of Magnasonic’s pocket-sized LED Pico Projectors for a few years now, and it wasn’t until recently that I wiped off the dust and began using it more frequently when taking my iPad Pro abroad.

The projector is so small that it easily slips into a pocket, and with a simple HDMI connection, it can project up to a 60-inch display on any flat surface. It features a 3.5mm audio out jack in addition to internal speakers, and it can last for at least two hours on a charge, which is optimal for most movies or TV shows that you enjoy watching via Netflix.

It’s somewhat humbling that such a small device can project such a large display almost anywhere, and with that in mind, I’m always happy to recommend one to my friends. It works great with the iPad Pro, and if you’re interested in picking one up, then you can do so for $150 from Amazon with Prime shipping.

4) Satechi USB-C to HDMI Cable

The iPad Pro’s USB-C connector makes it easier than ever to share a screen without any silly dongles or accessories, and that’s one reason why I always carry my Satechi USB-C to HDMI cable with me whenever I anticipate hosting any movies or Netflix shows when I’m visiting friends or family.

This cable is perfect for any HDMI-equipped television, and it even works perfectly with the Magnasonic LED Pico Projector above. It supports ultra-high definition 4K video resolution at 60Hz, and the color-matched aluminum plug enclosures help to dissipate any heat before it becomes a problem for the internal circuitry.

Whenever I put my iPad Pro in my bag, this cable goes with me, and if you’d like to do the same, then you can pick one up from Amazon for $40 with Prime shipping.

5) Anker 60W PowerPort Atom PD 2

Both my iPad Pro and my MacBook Pro use USB-C to charge, and it was always annoying having to carry two separate USB-C chargers with me to ensure that both devices stayed charged with intensive use. Fortunately, Anker solved that problem earlier this year when they released their 60W PowerPort Atom PD 2, a dual-USB-C power adapter with power delivery support.

As you might come to expect, the 60W powering capabilities from a single port are more than enough to keep a mildly-used MacBook Pro charged up, but in a pinch, you can charge two USB-C devices at 30W speeds, which comes in handy when I need to charge both my iPad Pro and MacBook Pro at the same time.

In addition to this convenience, Anker utilizes gallium nitride (GaN) technology to make this charger noticeably smaller than Apple’s standard 87W USB-C charger that comes with the MacBook Pro, and it’s only mildly larger than Apple’s 29W USB-C charger, with more than twice the powering capabilities.

If you need a better powering solution for your USB-C devices, then be sure to pick up one of Anker’s 60W PowerPort Atom PD 2 USB-C chargers from Amazon for $44 with Prime shipping.


That just about wraps up this accessory roundup, and I genuinely hope that other iPad Pro feel the same way about some of the accessories I take for granted every day. You may also want to check out my MacBook Pro-oriented accessory roundup if you liked what you saw here.

If you use something with your iPad Pro that I’ve failed to cover in this or my last accessory roundup, then feel free to talk about it in the comments section below such that I might try it for myself.