Magnasonic’s pocket-sized LED Pico projector lets you take the big screen anywhere


Magnasonic’s new LED Pico Projector is just what you need if you’re an on-the-go business person, want to watch movies on your wall, or need a quick way to show off a presentation at work or in class. But the uses don’t stop there.

I first saw these little portable LED projectors emerging on the market just a couple of years ago, and I’ve been itching to try one ever since, but the technology is really coming around to being practical for use and the prices are just starting to become more affordable.

In this review, we’ll show you how Magnasonic’s new LED Pico Projector works and walk you through all of its features.

LED Pico Projector by Magnasonic

Although I don’t do anything business-like that I’d need to give presentations for, pico projectors offer an ultra-portable display that can grow or shrink to any size that’s convenient for you, and they work great for movies while camping or having parties.

The LED Pico Projector from Magnasonic is brand new, and can be had on Amazon for around $149. The nice thing about it is that it runs off of power-efficient LED technology, which speaks for its battery efficiency. Because of this, they were able to pack a 2100 mAh battery inside that can last for up to two hours, which is long enough for most movies.

In terms of size, this thing is a dwarf. It’s dubbed the “world’s smallest” DLP projector at 3.9 x 3.0 x 0.5 inches. Moreover, it supports HDMI out, 3.5mm out, and charges with a Micro-USB cable.


The projector itself has its own audio out, and it has great sound. You can adjust the volume of the projector with the easy-to-find volume buttons, which are right next to the power switch on the side. One is marked with a “+” for volume up, while the other is marked with a “-” for volume down.


At the top, you’ll notice a focusing adjustment, which lets you adjust the clarity of the projection based on how far away from a surface you are.


That’s about all you need to know about the controls and what not, but on the bottom you’ll find some other useful goodies. For one, you’ll see there are four rubberized feet, which allow you to place the projector flat on a table without it moving around too much. Additionally, you’ll see the little vents, which act as speaker grilles and help cool down the projector itself while it’s in use.

But more importantly, you’ll see the small threaded hole, which lets you attach a tripod. The Magnasonic LED Pico Projector comes with its own little tripod, which is about 5 inches in height, but you can also use your own tripods if you prefer to.


The supplied tripod comes with grippy feet, and you can adjust the angle and tilt to your liking, which makes this tripod incredibly effective at keeping a picture straight even when the projector is being placed on uneven surfaces.

The output picture is best displayed on flat surfaces, such as walls or projector screens. The picture is very clear for such a small projector, and the brightness and throw are impressive too.

Magnasonic LED Pico Projector Picture

Rated at 25 lumens, this LED DLP light engine packs a resolution of 640 x 360 and has a 1100:1 contrast ratio. The picture can be expanded with the focus knob to be as large as a 60 inch display. Any larger, and the focusing mechanism will be unable to keep up.

In terms of support, you can connect your MacBook, iOS device, Android device, or anything else with the proper HDMI accessories. Magnasonic includes a plethora of adapters for Android phones, but if you want to use an iOS device, you have to buy Apple’s $45 Lightning to HDMI adapter separately.

My thoughts on the Magnasonic LED Pico Projector

The Magnasonic LED Pico Projector is a really cool portable projector. My favorite parts are the size and battery life. It packs just enough juice to enjoy a nice movie on a camping trip on the wall of a tent. Its portability makes it practical for everyday carry, and it’ll easily fit inside of your pocket, unlike full-sized projectors.

You can also keep the projector plugged in while you use it, and this will eliminate the battery life factor, letting you use it for even longer than 2 hours at a time.

Here is my list of pros and cons for the Magnasonic LED Pico Projector:


  • Small and lightweight
  • Projects up to a 60-inch picture from any device
  • Uses HDMI
  • Has its own 3.5mm sound output and internal speaker
  • Focusing mechanism lets you get the picture just right
  • Tripod support makes it versatile
  • 2 hour battery life is perfect for presentations or movies
  • Comes with a plethora of adapters for various devices
  • Plug and play
  • One of the most affordable Pico projectors on the market


  • No iOS adapters included
  • Resolution isn’t super high
  • Lower lumen output means dark environment is critical


The Magnasonic LED Pico Projector is a really good choice for anyone on the go who needs a quick and easy projection display, or to watch movies on the go without lugging a heavy TV around with them. At just $149 on Amazon, you can pick yourself up the world’s smallest LED DLP projector and enjoy hours of entertainment on your wall.

What are your thoughts on the Magnasonic LED Pico Projector? Share below!