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How to create a radio station in Apple Music on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Create Radio Stations Apple Music

Plenty of us create playlists in the Music app with songs we love. But sometimes music goes undiscovered if we don’t venture past those playlists. With this in mind, you can create a radio station in the music app based on songs you like.

You can create the station from tunes you see on Apple Music or those in your library. The songs on the station are similar to those you base the station off of. So, you can listen to music similar to your tastes, but may also hear something new. Cool, right?

Here’s how to create a radio station in the Music app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to use Apple Music and Alexa on your Amazon Echo speaker

Amazon Echo

HomePod isn’t the only smart speaker that works well with your iPhone. An Amazon Echo or Echo Dot can do many of the same things as HomePod with the help of Alexa. The sound quality may be better on a HomePod, but you can still use your Apple Music subscription to play music with Alexa.

If you haven’t delved into this yet, we’re here to help. Here’s how to use Apple Music and Alexa on your Amazon Echo speaker.

Note: You must be an Apple Music subscriber.

BBC’s iPlayer Radio hits US App Store as new BBC+ app goes live in UK

The British Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) iPlayer Radio mobile app, which used to be limited to customers in the United Kingdom, has expanded stateside today, TechCrunch just announced. Now customers in the United States can download iPlayer Radio from the US App Store and tune in to BBC's high-quality radio stations and content.

Earlier in the week, BBC announced launch of a brand new personalized content portal with a new BBC+ app on the UK App Store.

Find out if Apple Music, Apple Music Radio, Beats 1 and iTunes Match are available in your country

Apple's new music package, available across 115 countries around the world, packs in Apple Music Radio, Beats 1 Radio, iTunes Match and Apple Music on-demand streaming. But not all of these services are available in each and every country.

For example, people in Romania can only enjoy iTunes Match. Beats 1 Radio is currently off-limits in nearly two dozen countries. In addition, eight countries currently lack access to Apple Music, Apple Music Radio and Beats 1 Radio.

This article helps you find out in which countries you can join Apple Music, listen to Apple Music Radio (formerly iTunes Radio) and Beats 1 Radio or subscribe to iTunes Match.