Angry Birds

Angry Birds Seasons get 30 spooky Halloween levels

Angry Birds maker Rovio has issued an update to its Angry Birds Seasons game, adding a Haunted Hogs episode which brings out thirty new Halloween-themed levels. As the piggies get all dressed up for Halloween, there’s also a hilarious new Frankenswine character to get excited about. You’ll be playing at the haunted house, with the ghostly Halloween music helping you get in the right mood. And watch out for those ghost bricks that behave differently from regular blocks – use them for fun trick shots…

New Angry Birds Star Wars trailer features Princess Leia

Rovio’s so far teased Angry Birds Star Wars twice (here and here). This brand new mashup resulting from a partnership with toy maker Hasbro could be a smash hit, if previous Angry Birds games are anything to go by. Today, the Finnish developer behind the franchise released a new trailer that features Princess Leia and the pig-ified Storm Trooper helmet, have a look.

I’m a big fan of both the Angry Birds series and Star Wars. It goes without saying that I cannot wait to see what Rovio’s been up to with this one. The game arrives November 8 to iOS and Android, in addition to versions for Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Mac and PCs running Windows 8. Say what you will, but Rovio sure knows how to milk the franchise, but not at the expense of gameplay creativity…

Angry Birds get 30 stormy and pig-themed levels

“The Bad Piggies don’t just have a new game”, Finnish developer Rovio writes in release notes for the freshly updated Angry Birds. “Now they’ve taken over Angry Birds with 15 of the piggest levels ever”. Angry Birds, the game that started the whole birds vs. piggies craze, was updated on the iPhone and iPod touch with 30 new levels, 15 of which are pig-themed in an obvious mash up with Bad Piggies, Rovio’s most recent game release that has turned the familiar flinging formula upside down…

Rovio’s Bad Piggies hit iOS, Mac and Android

As promised, Angry Birds maker Rovio today released a new physics-based game that turns the famous formula upside down in that it focuses on the green piggies who must protect the eggs grabbed from the birds. After a string of content updates and sequels, some feel the Angry Birds series has run its course.

Rovio is clearly banking on the success of Angry Birds here, but Bad Piggies is anything but yet another Angry Birds sequel. Gameplay footage and more info right below…

Check out first Bad Piggies gameplay footage

Angry Birds spinoff called Bad Piggies is slated to arrive on September 27 for iOS, Android and the Mac, but Rovio still wouldn’t reveal gameplay video. Luckily, an exclusive hands-on by Yahoo! Games shows us the game’s mechanics which takes cues from Amazing Alex, another physics-based game from Rovio.

This means Bad Piggies tasks you with building all sorts of funny vehicles and flying aircraft so that the pigs can steal more eggs. Contrast this to smashing things up in the Angry Birds series. That being said, the safest way to think about Bad Piggies is as the sibling of Angry Birds rather than its sequel. Check out exclusive gameplay footage right below…

Angry Birds spinoff Bad Piggies arrives September 27 for iOS, Android and Mac

Two months ago, we learned that Finnish developer Rovio is working on a new Angry Birds pig game said to be focused on the piggies and slated for release just in time for the pre-holiday rush. Then last week, Rovio posted a teaser that offered a few glimpses into the upcoming game that turns the formula on its head by challenging you to to protect the eggs you’ve grabbed from the birds. Today, Rovio released a few more details and confirmed that Bad Piggies (that’s the official title) will be released for iOS, Android and the Mac on September 27…

Rovio teases upcoming Angry Birds spinoff game

After three years, countless episodes, and more than a billion downloads, some say Angry Birds is getting long in the tooth. Sure, the game gets updated with new levels and themes, but you’re still essentially flinging birds at pigs.
Good news though, it looks like Rovio is getting ready to flip the script a bit with its long-rumored spinoff. The studio recently set up a pair of ‘Bad Piggies’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, and just uploaded this teaser trailer…

Angry Birds Space update brings new character and levels

Hot on the heels of their Angry Birds Seasons update, Rovio has pushed out a new version of its Angry Birds Space game. The studio once again teamed up with NASA for what it calls the most “epic episode” yet.

The update, as most of them do in the Angry Birds series, brings about new levels — 20 of them actually, set on Mars. It also includes a new character, and some exclusive content regarding NASA missions…

Rovio to partner with Green Day for future Angry Birds release

If you thought Rovio teaming up with the folks of NASA to create Angry Birds Space was cool, wait until you hear this. The studio has just announced a new partnership with American punk rock band Green Day.

Green Day has sold over 65 million records worldwide, on the back of major hits like “Good Riddance: (Time of Your Life)” and “21 guns.” So it’s only right that they be forever immortalized as bad piggies, right?

Angry Birds Seasons update brings new bird, 20 new levels

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, preseason football has commenced, and children are starting, or will soon be starting, school again.

So naturally, Rovio has released its Back to School update for Angry Birds Seasons. The update includes 20 new schoolyard levels, and (gasp!) a new bird…

Check out this awesome DIY Angry Birds controller

What do you get when you combine an Arduino-based microcontroller, a hacked motorized slider and one of the most popular video games of all time? The Super Angry Birds force feedback USB controller.

The DIY (do it yourself) controller simulates the game’s slingshot, giving you full control over both the angle and power at which the birds are launched. It’s hard to explain, you just have to see it in action…

Rovio teases next major Angry Birds release: Red Planet

It looks like the Mars Curiosity rover isn’t the only thing landing on Mars this year. Rovio just took the lid off of its next major Angry Birds update, Angry Birds Space: Red Planet.

Earlier this year, Rovio took its popular franchise into outer-space, and within 12 hours it was the number one paid application in the App Store. But can lightning strike again?