Rovio teases upcoming Angry Birds spinoff game

After three years, countless episodes, and more than a billion downloads, some say Angry Birds is getting long in the tooth. Sure, the game gets updated with new levels and themes, but you’re still essentially flinging birds at pigs.

Good news though, it looks like Rovio is getting ready to flip the script a bit with its long-rumored spinoff. The studio recently set up a pair of ‘Bad Piggies’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, and just uploaded this teaser trailer…

Sure enough, this looks to be the pig game we heard about back in July. Here’s an excerpt from that post explaining the premise:

“The idea of the new game will see you trying to protect the eggs you’ve grabbed from the birds, but still feature a catapult and the now famous wooden and stone structures.”

There’s little information regarding the game on the Facebook page, other than the same “Something PIG is coming” mantra you see in the above clip. But given the pre-holiday release date we’ve been hearing, and the fact that Rovio is starting to heavily advertise the title, we assume it won’t be long before it’s downloadable.

In fact, a September-October release would be perfect timing, as Apple is said to be unveiling a slew of new devices starting September 12.

So, what’s your take on this pigs spinoff game?