White iPhone 4

The White iPhone 4 is the long awaited iPhone which release has been postponed several times by Apple.

Apple’s Cloud Service Almost Ready to Launch

We've heard a lot of talk regarding this cloud thing Apple's been working on. It's supposed to allow iTunes customers to store their media on a remote server, and then access it from anywhere they have an internet connection.

It's obviously coming. Apple built that huge data center in North Carolina and rented all that digital storage space for something. We've heard rumors that the service could launch right alongside a revamped MobileMe sometime this spring, but will Apple be able to meet expectations?

iPhone 5 Coming in September, Similar to iPhone 4

According to a report from Reuters, Apple is scheduled to begin production of the iPhone 5 in July/August with a September release. This news coincides with other reports that Apple will push back the next generation iPhone's launch to a later fall date.

It is unclear as to why Apple is not following the usual summer release schedule for the iPhone, but all signs point to a different roadmap for 2011. The iPhone 5 is reported to have a faster processor and look very similar to the current iPhone 4.

White iPhone 4 Running Mystery Version of iOS Spotted in the Wild

Here's some double news for you. Vietnamese site Tinhte, who has a pretty good track record of verified Apple leaks, is back at it. This time, they are demoing on video what they claim to be a test version of the white iPhone 4 running a mystery iOS.

While it's hard to tell whether this iOS version is legit or not, I can't imagine it being a jailbreak tweak. I think if it was, we would have figured it out by now...

White iPhone 4 Shows Up On UK Carrier Website, April 20th Delivery

After 10 months of production issues and excuses, it appears that the white iPhone 4 may finally materialize. Engadget and several other media outlets have reported that wireless carrier Three UK has posted the white iPhone 4 on their website.

It wasn't just a place-holder either, a 'buy now' option with an earliest delivery date of April 20th was available. Although the white iPhone has made website appearances before, there hasn't been an option to order it...

White iPhone 4 Finally Launching on April 26?

It appears that Apple is planning on releasing the white iPhone 4 in exactly ten days. Several recent reports have confirmed a "Springtime" launch, and April 26 looks to be the lucky day.

According to iPhoneItalia, Apple will finally release the white iPhone 4 next week.

Alleged White iPhone 4 Shows Up in Verizon Inventory Database

If you needed any more confirmation that the mythical White iPhone 4 is coming, here you go.

Following yesterday's report providing official word from Apple regarding the availability of the White iPhone 4 this Spring, comes even more confirmation. The folks over at 9to5 Mac have obtained an internal Verizon inventory document which lists the highly-anticipated White iPhone 4. 

Update: Apple Confirms White iPhone 4 Will Ship This Spring, Will Be Available on AT&T and Verizon

It's recently been confirmed by multiple sources that Apple will indeed unveil the long-awaited white iPhone 4 in the coming weeks. Various rumors have pointed to the white iPhone over the last 10 months, but these last set of reports affirm a definite release in the next few weeks.

The Wall Street Journal has gotten word directly from Apple that the white iPhone will debut "this spring." Bloomberg recently reported this news with added info that the device will be available on AT&T and Verizon.

White iPhone 4 Coming in the Next Few Weeks

After a 10 month delay, it looks as though the white iPhone 4 will finally be available by the end of this month. According to a report from Bloomberg Buisnessweek, sources familiar with Apple's secret release plans say that the mystical white iPhone 4 will indeed ship in the "next few weeks."

Although it's unclear as to whether Apple will hold a media event for the white iPhone's launch, it appears that the device will be unveiled very soon...

White iPhone 4 Once Again Pulled From Apple’s Inventory

White iPhone 4 rumors are a dime a dozen these days. But because of the device's mysterious non-existence, we all still seem to pay attention. At any rate, if you tried to visit the online Apple Store late last night, chances are you saw the above message.

It's been back up and operating for a while now, but why did Apple take their store offline? Typically this is just a sign of site maintenance, and sometimes it can mean that Apple is preparing to launch a new product. A Mac news website is claiming that this time, Apple took the store offline to remove white iPhone 4 SKUs...

Apple Hasn’t Even Ordered iPhone 5 Parts Yet

The latest in iPhone 5 rumors comes from a Chinese supply chain. Macotakara.jp has claimed that Apple hasn't even started ordering components for its next gen iPhone.

We've already heard that the iPhone 5 probably won't be announced this June at WWDC, and that the release date could be pushed back to a fall 2011 date. If Apple hasn't ordered parts for the iPhone 5, there's almost no way that we'll see a new iPhone this year...

iPhone 5 Probably Won’t Be Seen at WWDC This Summer

A series of new developments has shed some light on Apple's product roadmap for the coming year. First, we thought that Apple would be holding a media event in April for iOS 5 and MobileMe. TechCrunch followed up on those rumors by saying that iOS 5 would be pushed back to the fall, and that the iPhone 5 would be released this summer running a version of iOS 4.

Today, Apple announced the dates and information for their annual World Wide Develepors Conference this June. Apple's focus for WWDC this year will clearly be on software, and, unless they've got a big surprise up their sleeve, we probably won't see the iPhone 5 launch during the expected time frame...

Leaked iPhone 5 Parts Surface, Reveal Very Similar Design to the iPhone 4

9to5 Mac has gotten their hands on what they claim to be legitimate parts for the iPhone 5. Among other things, these internal parts confirm former speculation that Apple's next iPhone would share a very similar design with the current iPhone 4.

Even though the overall design will remain the same, these leaked parts do reveal some interesting things about the iPhone 5...