White iPhone 4 Running Mystery Version of iOS Spotted in the Wild

Here’s some double news for you. Vietnamese site Tinhte, who has a pretty good track record of verified Apple leaks, is back at it. This time, they are demoing on video what they claim to be a test version of the white iPhone 4 running a mystery iOS.

While it’s hard to tell whether this iOS version is legit or not, I can’t imagine it being a jailbreak tweak. I think if it was, we would have figured it out by now…

Perhaps the most interesting part of this iOS is the way it handles multitasking. As you can see on the video below, instead of showing the app switcher, it shows you a minimized view of each app opened, a la MultiFl0w. Just like MultiFl0w, you can tap on one of the windows to go to this app, or you can delete it by tapping and holding, then tap the ” X .”

On the second video, you can see how folders are implemented. While they look very similar to the current folder implementation, you can tell there is a slight difference. Additionally, there are some interesting settings end users have never seen before – namely Carrier and Internal settings.

So, is this real or is this fake? Well, it seems to be 100% real and what these videos show appears to be a test iPhone 4 running an internal build of iOS 4, as shown in the image below, extracted from the video at about 1.35 min (thanks @H4R4SM for the tip) – iOS 4 Build 8A216.

Well folks, it seems that these videos shed light on what we’ll most likely see in iOS 5. Excited or what?