Taurine jailbreak for iOS 14.0-14.3 updated to v1.1.0 various user experience improvements

The Odyssey Team is out with yet another update for its iOS & iPadOS 14-centric Taurine jailbreak Wednesday morning after only just recently launching version 1.0.7 with boot loop mitigations and startup repairs to combat consequential data loss and forced software updates.

The latest update, dubbed Taurine version 1.1.0, was released to address known bugs and incorporate stability improvements.

Sileo Team updates Sileo package manager to v2.2.1 with more bug fixes

In case you missed it, the Sileo Team released a substantial update for the Sileo package manager this Thursday morning that brought it up to version 2.2 with a rather extensive change log. In addition to making Sileo compatible with all existing jailbreaks, the update also brought a significant number of new features, bug fixes, and improvements.

Thursday evening, the Sileo Team followed up with the larger and more significant update by launching a secondary smaller update. The latest version of Sileo is now version 2.2.1.

Sileo v2.2 out of public beta, now available for everyone with countless improvements

The Sileo Team unleashed a public beta build of Sileo version 2.2 with an extensive change log this past weekend. Given all the new features and improvements that this particular version of the popular package manager encompassed, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that it energized the user base.

Those who’ve been patiently waiting for an actual public release (as opposed to a public beta build) will be excited to learn that Sileo v2.2 is now available to the masses. The update should populate for existing Sileo users upon launching the app and refreshing installed sources.

Taurine jailbreak updated to version 1.0.5 with new features, bug fixes, and improvements

With a steady stream of jailbreak news and releases lately, it’s not overly surprising that we’re seeing an update for a popular jailbreak tool this afternoon.

The Odyssey Team published a fresh update for its iOS & iPadOS 14.0-14.3-centric Taurine jailbreak, this time bringing it up to version 1.0.5 to address bugs and improve performance of the jailbreak overall.