Sileo package manager ends support for the XinaA15 jailbreak

Saturday evening, Sileo Team lead developer Amy While (@elihwyma) officially ended the Sileo package manager app’s support for the XinaA15 jailbreak tool for arm64e devices running iOS or iPadOS 15.0-15.1.1.

Amy While says that Sileo will no longer support XinaA15 for iOS 15.

The announcement, shared via Twitter, indicates that “recent changes” are to blame, as they make it “impossible for Sileo to support XinaA15 in a functional manner.” While also went one step further to instead endorse the Fugu15 Max (working name) jailbreak for arm64e devices running iOS or iPadOS 15.0-15.4.1, which is currently in a public beta for developers and will eventually be ready for the general public to use.

The Tweet didn’t go into specific details about why While decided to pull support for XinaA15, however a response to a Tweet posted by jailbreak tweak developer PoomSmart may offer a bit more insight:

Amy While discusses why Sileo won't support XinaA15 anymore.

As we can gather from this response, the XinaA15 jailbreak may be trying to act as both architectures at once, requiring a frustrating amount of additional work by While to support it.

The Tweet string also reveals a pop-up that Sileo users may see when attempting to use the Sileo package manager on a device pwned by the XinaA15 jailbreak:

XinaA15 no longer supported by Sileo.

The move means that more XinaA15 users will either need to switch to the Saily package manager or instead opt to install the Fugu15 Max public beta jailbreak. Users on both sides of the aisle will have good and bad things to say about both jailbreaks, so we’re not going to speculate on which one is better.

Recent speculation had suggested that the XinaA15 jailbreak would be discontinued in its entirety because of all the progress that Lars Fröder (@opa334) has been making on Fugu15 Max lately. Having said that, Sileo is going to be the preferred package manager on Fugu15 Max now and until its public release.

Sileo is a modern package manager that pairs a beautiful user interface with performance and usability. It has effectively replaced Cydia as a default package manager given that Cydia hasn’t been updated to work on any firmware newer than iOS or iPadOS 14. Sileo is installed by default on not only the Fugu15 Max jailbreak, but also on the palera1n jailbreak for chekcm8 devices (iPhone X and older).

Are you upset to see that Sileo will no longer work on the XinaA15 jailbreak? Discuss in the comments section down below.