The differences between Sileo, Sileo Beta, and Sileo Nightly explained

Sileo is perhaps one of the most prominent package manager apps for jailbroken iPhones and iPads right behind Cydia, but starting with iOS & iPadOS 15, Sileo has become the default for most jailbreaks.

Sileo icon.

While most people have experience with the standard public Sileo build, there are actually three different release channels that you may or may not know about. We’ll be taking a moment to discuss those and their differences in this piece.

Our information comes from Sileo Team lead developer Amy While, so before we begin, we’d like to offer them a huge thanks for answering our questions. Without any further ado, let’s get started!


The first and most obvious version of Sileo is the public build channel, which most people use on a regular basis.

This is the version of Sileo that comes pre-installed on most user jailbreaks, such as Odyssey for iOS 13, Taurine for iOS 14, and so on. It’s also the version that people generally install when putting Sileo on another jailbreak that doesn’t pre-install it, such as checkra1n or unc0ver.

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What you’re getting with the public Sileo build is a stable release that has undergone serious testing to ensure stability. It’s already regularly used by the masses, so issues are generally discovered and fixed quickly without most users even noticing.

The public Sileo build is found on the Procursus repository, which is as follows:

Sileo Beta

Another version of Sileo is Sileo Beta, which as the name implies, is a part of the beta testing channel.

When the Sileo Team wants to introduce new features or fix bugs, they’ll issue a beta build before releasing it to the general public. Granted, the Sileo Beta build is available publicly, it’s not generally pre-installed by user-oriented jailbreaks because the nature of betas mean stability can cause concern.

Features found in Sileo Beta can be tested by seasoned members of the jailbreak community, and then any bugs discovered along the way can be reported before going public in the stable build.

The Sileo Beta build is found on the Procursus repository, which is as follows:

Sileo Nightly

The final version of Sileo is Sileo Nightly, which also has a very telling name. Sileo Nightly is called what it is because it receives nightly (or very frequent) updates.

Sileo Nightly generally isn’t pre-installed by any jailbreak, although it is currently the only version that works on the developer-centric XinaA15 jailbreak. Sileo Nightly receives the most frequent updates of any of the builds mentioned in this piece, and as a result, it’s one of the least stable builds of Sileo. In fact, it gets updates even before Sileo Beta does.

While Sileo Nightly is only recommended for the most knowledgable and seasoned users who can cope with and properly report issues or contribute to fixes for them, it’s also a great way for users to test bleeding edge features before they go officially public.

The Sileo Nightly build is found on Amy While’s repository, which is as follows:


That’s the gist of what’s different in the three different Sileo builds for the general public, and it’s worth noting that you can install all three on the same device if you really wanted to.

Just keep in mind that the public build is recommended for most users, while Sileo Beta and Sileo Nightly are generally considered pre-releases and may have more bugs than the final public build.