How to install Odysseyra1n on a checkra1n device

By default, the checkra1n jailbreak installs Cydia as the defacto package manager, and Cydia Substrate or Substitute can be used for tweak injection. But if you’re accustomed to the Chimera or Odyssey jailbreaks, then you might prefer to use Sileo for package management and libhooker for tweak injection instead, yet checkra1n’s jailbreak method offers many benefits over relying on certificates or signed apps.

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to install Sileo and libhooker on your checkra1n device, then the astounding answer would be yes! A script called Odysseyra1n installs the entire bootstrap on your checkra1n device, allowing you to have an Odyssey-like experience on your checkra1n jailbreak.

CoolStar updates libhooker Configurator to v1.1.0 with crash fixes, other improvements

In case you missed it, CoolStar released a brand-new libhooker Configurator app last week so that users of the Odyssey and Odysseyra1n jailbreaks could have more granular control over their libhooker tweak injector.

In addition to letting users toggle libhooker on or off on the fly, libhooker Configurator also permitted individualized tweak toggling, disabling tweak injection for Web Pages, and individually configuring tweak injection for apps, SpringBoard, and even Daemon processes.

New libhooker Configurator app updated to v1.0.1 with bug fixes, goes open source

Hot on the heels of an exciting new libhooker update for the Odyssey jailbreak and the subset of checkra1n devices utilizing Odysseyra1n, lead developer CoolStar is out with yet another important update that users won’t want to miss.

The latest update isn’t for libhooker per se, but rather for the brand new libhooker Configurator companion app, which grants users with powerful granular control over how and when libhooker loads its tweak injection methods on a particular device.

CoolStar updates libhooker to v1.4.0 with new configurator app

Jailbreakers taking advantage of the iOS 13-centric Odyssey tool or the checkra1n-based Odysseyra1n bootstrap on iOS 13 or 14 will almost certainly want to launch Sileo and refresh their sources.

In a message bulletin shared to the official Sileo / Odyssey / Chimera Discord channel early Tuesday morning, CoolStar announced the release of libhooker version 1.4.0 with a host of notable improvements for users using either of the aforementioned jailbreaks.

iOS 11-based Electra jailbreak updated to v2.0 with improved bootstrap, tweak injection, & more

Earlier in the month, Chimera Team lead developer CoolStar announced a fresh version of the iOS 12-centric Chimera jailbreak tool with support for the Procursus bootstrap, libhooker tweak injection, and a whole host of back-ported improvements that derived from the newer Odyssey jailbreak. Now, it seems the older iOS 12-based  Electra jailbreak tool is receiving a similar treatment.

As shared early this morning in CoolStar’s official Sileo / Odyssey / Chimera Discord server, the Electra jailbreak has been officially updated to version 2.0 with an upgraded Chimera bootstrap with libhooker tweak injection and other miscellaneous improvements:

Chimera jailbreak updated to v1.5.1 with more bug fixes and improvements

If you’ve been paying attention to the Odyssey Team’s Discord channel or Twitter page recently, then you’ve likely witnessed the sudden priority shift to the iOS 12-centric Chimera jailbreak – a notable departure from the team’s typical precedence, the iOS & iPadOS 13-centric Odyssey jailbreak.

The sudden attention to Chimera is no coincidence, as Chimera Team lead developer CoolStar had long envisioned back-porting the Odyssey Team’s successes with the Procursus bootstrap and libhooker tweak injection to Chimera. The team officially made it happen with Chimera v1.5 this week, and they’re out with yet another update this Wednesday evening in the form of Chimera v1.5.1:

Chimera jailbreak updated to v1.5, supports up to iOS 12.4.9 & adds Procursus bootstrap

As iOS 12-using jailbreakers might recall, the Chimera Team issued a new public beta of its Chimera jailbreak tool earlier this week with Procursus bootstrap and full libhooker tweak injection integration and a plethora of backported improvements from the iOS & iPadOS 13-centric Odyssey jailbreak tool.

Early Wednesday morning, however, the Odyssey Team took to Twitter to announce that Chimera version 1.5 had been officially released to the general public without the ‘beta’ asterisk attached to the name:

Chimera jailbreak for iOS 12 picks up Procursus & libhooker support in latest beta

While much of the modern jailbreak community is currently focusing on current firmware versions like iOS & iPadOS 13 and 14, that hasn’t stopped the Chimera Team from launching a new beta version of its iOS 12-centric Chimera jailbreak tool.

Chimera Team lead developer CoolStar took to the Announcements section of the official Discord channel bright and early Monday morning to share links to Chimera v1.5.0 beta 1 — the latest public beta of the jailbreak tool for iOS 12 devices:

CoolStar updates libhooker to v1.3.0 with memory optimizations & more

Cydia Substrate isn’t the only tweak injector receiving new updates as of late. Libhooker, the premier tweak injection method for the iOS 13-based Odyssey jailbreak and for the Odysseyra1n script for the checkra1n jailbreak, just got a fresh upgrade to version 1.3.0 with some notable improvements.

Odyssey Team lead developer CoolStar announced the updated libhooker release Saturday night via Twitter, and further described the update and everything it brings in the official Discord channel:

Chimera v1.4.0 update introduces stability gains via limited libhooker support

Electra Team lead developer CoolStar took to Twitter late last night to announce that the Chimera jailbreak tool for iOS 12.0-12.4 had been updated to version 1.4.0.

It’s the first update to be released for the aging Chimera jailbreak since last September, and despite multiple teasers for Chimera13, an alleged iOS 13-supported version of the Electra Team’s jailbreak tool, CoolStar recently pulled the plug on plans to launch it.