Chimera jailbreak updated to v1.5.1 with more bug fixes and improvements

If you’ve been paying attention to the Odyssey Team’s Discord channel or Twitter page recently, then you’ve likely witnessed the sudden priority shift to the iOS 12-centric Chimera jailbreak – a notable departure from the team’s typical precedence, the iOS & iPadOS 13-centric Odyssey jailbreak.

The sudden attention to Chimera is no coincidence, as Chimera Team lead developer CoolStar had long envisioned back-porting the Odyssey Team’s successes with the Procursus bootstrap and libhooker tweak injection to Chimera. The team officially made it happen with Chimera v1.5 this week, and they’re out with yet another update this Wednesday evening in the form of Chimera v1.5.1:

Citing the announcement shared in the official Discord channel, Chimera v1.5.1 brings the following changes to the jailbreak tool:

  • Re-jailbreaking an existing Odysseyra1n installation with Chimera no longer wipes the installed package database
  • Re-jailbreaking an existing Chimera installation with checkra1n (to use Odysseyra1n) now has a working read/write filesystem
  • The RocketBootstrap dependency from the Chimera repository now works properly with the Chimera jailbreak
  • Exploit selector now works properly, enabling switching between sockpuppet and life_waste exploits on iOS 12.2 & 12.4

Whether you just got done installing the recent Chimera v1.5 or not, this update is recommended for all Chimera jailbreak users because it incorporates a host of important feature backports from the more modern Odyssey jailbreak tool.

The latest version of the Chimera jailbreak tool can be downloaded from the official website (which now redirects to If you need help jailbreaking with Chimera, then you can follow the steps in our detailed tutorial to get you through it.

Have you downloaded the latest version of the Chimera jailbreak, or are you using a newer firmware that the tool doesn’t support? Let us know in the comments section down below.