1Password now supports Touch ID and Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro

After previewing a new version of its popular password-management utility, developer AgileBits today updated 1Password for Mac with support for the Touch Bar and Touch ID features on the new MacBook Pro (that you can't have yet).

The update is free to existing users of the $64.99 Mac app. 1Password can now be unlocked by resting your finger on the Touch ID sensor that's built into the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar.

In addition, you can access your vaults faster by tapping the app's dedicated shortcuts on the Touch Bar.

1Password confirms that Touch ID support for the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar is in the works

As we were watching a live-stream of yesterday's “Hello again” Mac event, our own Sébastien told the rest of the team via Slack that, in his mind, the 1Password + Touch ID + MacBook Pro combination would make a lot of sense. And indeed it would.

Less than 24 hours later, 1Password developer AgileBits has officially confirmed in a blog post that they're hard at work implementing support for Touch ID via the new MacBook Pro's Touch Bar to let users protect the app with their fingerprint.

It’s official: I’m a 1Password user

For the last several years, I’ve battled with a password problem. It seemed like every new service I used wanted me to create an account, which involved making a new username and a strong password. Making matters worse, some services want you to make difficult passwords you can’t even remember, containing capital letters, numbers, and special characters.

The problem reveals itself the most whenever I get a new phone, like the iPhone 7 Plus I recently purchased. When I go to set it up, I download all the apps I typically use on my device. Afterwards comes the hard part: trying to remember the credentials to log into all of them.

1Password for Mac gains new browser support, anchored Large Type window and more

Developer AgileBits today released a new version of its popular password manager in the Mac App Store, 1Password for Mac.

Available to existing users at no additional charge, “The Passion Project” update bumps 1Password to version 6.3, bringing out support for an additional three browsers along with an enhanced Large Type feature, which now lives in a draggable window of its own, and a few minor VoiceOver enhancements.

Grab the update for free if you already have the app, or buy 1Password for Mac for $64.99 on the Mac App Store.

1Password for Mac gains new import options, automatic login naming and more

Developer AgileBits today pushed a brand new 'Tricks Edition' update for 1Password for OS X, its popular password-management that's available across iOS, OS X, Android and Windows platforms.

Available in the Mac App Store at no charge for existing users, this particular update sports some interesting new options for 1Password's data importer and includes a much improved browser extension that can now automatically name the login it creates, among other enhancements.

1Password is $64.99 in the Mac App Store.

1Password for iOS gains tighter Spotlight and Voice Over integration and other improvements

Developer AgileBits today pushed an update to its password-management utility in the App Store, 1Password.

A forty-fourth update since 1Password for iOS was first published in November of 2012, the latest version 6.3 edition brings improved integration with iOS 9's much-enhanced Spotlight Search, as well as expanded Voice Over support, the ability to pick a vault at launch, better syncing, updated translations, bug fixes and other perks.

1Password update brings full support for 3D Touch and other enhancements

AgileBits' popular password manager, 1Password, was updated this morning in the App Store with support for 3D Touch actions on the Home screen and Peek and Pop gestures within the app for iPhone 6s/Plus owners.

These shortcuts permit you to quickly bring up search, view your favorites or add a new item, right from the Home screen, and preview items within the app with 3D Touch.

In addition, the new version contains other refinements and new features such as the inclusion of Watchtower, a service that has been available in 1Password's Mac app for quite a while and alerts you when your accounts might have been compromised, as determined by monitoring the latest security vulnerabilities from around the web.

Great deal: Mac app bundle with Parallels 11, 1Password and 6 other apps for just $80

Supercharge your Mac with this Black Friday Bundle Deal from the good folks at Parallels. For just $80, you can pick up more than $500 worth of software, including apps like Parallels Desktop 11, Parallels Access, 1Password for Mac, Evernote Premium and more—a total of 8 useful, powerful applications.

Of course you all know what big fans of Parallels and 1Password we are here at iDB—we use the former in all of our virtual machine tutorials, and the latter is regarded as the best password management app for both Mac and iOS. Then there is Evernote and Pocket, neither of which need much introduction.

1Password updated with Teams support, new All Vaults view and more

AgileBits on Monday issued an update for its 1Password app, bringing the mobile client to version 6.1. The team is calling this the "Unity Edition," and it brings about support for 1Password for Teams, a new All Vaults view, and various other smaller improvements.

With 1Password for Teams, everyone gets the simple, convenient security of 1Password, and you get the tools you need to control and manage access to your important info. This includes features like end-t0-end encrypted sharing, anti-phishing defense and more.

1Password for Mac gains large type option, changing secondary vault password and more

AgielBits' popular password-management utility, 1Password, was refreshed in the Mac App Store today with several notable enhancements. For starters, the app has brought out a new large type option to make those passwords easier to read on huge monitors and Macs with high-resolution Retina screens.

People who happen to manage multiple vaults in 1Password should jump with joy as they can at last change passwords for secondary vaults, too.

The top layout view has seen some changes as well with rich item icons and customizable columns. Last but not least, 1Password 5.4 for Mac includes security updates to address the dreaded XARA vulnerabilities.

1Password 6 is out with new design, support for iOS 9 features and more

AgileBits on Wednesday pushed out a significant update for their 1Password iOS app, bringing the popular password manager to version 6.0. The release includes a number of new features and improvements, including a refreshed design and broader support for iOS 9.

The new look isn't a major departure from its predecessor, but it's instantly noticeable. The developers said that they felt 1Password had become a bit "too monochrome," so they decided to brighten things up. You'll also notice new category icons and an improved browser.

Sale: 1Password is now 30% off on Mac and 1Password Pro is now 50% off on iOS

If you've yet to purchase a copy of 1Password for your Mac, iPhone and iPad, now is definitely the time to consider doing so. Despite our urgings over the years via blog posts, and via our podcasts, we're aware that there may still be a few of you out there who have yet to make this great security investment.

Starting today, both 1Password Pro for iOS and 1Password for Mac are both reduced in price significantly. Now is a great time to get in the game, and start taking responsibility for your security.