1Password for Apple Watch is now a native app

1Password for Apple wathc teaser 001

1Password developer AgileBits was there on day one with a brand new Apple Watch app when the wearable device made its April 2015 debut. As useful as it was, the app wasn’t exactly a speed demon and was limited in functionality by only supporting items stored in your Primary vault. Those issues are now a thing of the past as 1Password for Apple Watch is now a 100 percent native app that takes full advantage of the speed and performance enhancements afforded by running directly on Apple Watch hardware.

As a bonus, the new app now permits you to add items from any vault to your Apple Watch, including items stored in your 1Password.com account vaults.

The team didn’t stop there.

The freshly released 1Password 6.5 for iOS packs in an all-new onboarding experience and lets you move and copy multiple items at once by pulling down from the top of your item lists to reveal the Select Items button.

This lets you select multiple items and copy or move them to any other vault. All told, there are nearly 100 additional improvements and bug fixes in the iOS app that you can read about on the AgileBits blog.

There’s also a brand new way to migrate all your existing data over to the new 1Password.com subscription service, which runs in any standard web browser.

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“Once you add your new 1Password account you will be asked if you’d like to migrate all your existing information over,” said developers. Confirming the prompt will instantly copy all your items to the newly created 1Password account.

And last but not least, they’ve redesigned so-called onboard experience when the app is launched or installed on a new device. It’s a lot simpler than before with strong focus on the new 1Password.com subscription service.

If you’re unfamiliar with 1Password.com accounts, they feature built-in automatic sync across all devices, data loss protection, a history feature for restoring deleted or changed items and more. 1Password.com lets you access your saved passwords, credit card numbers, secure notes and other confidential data through a browser across Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices.

1Password for iOS first run experience

1Password.com users get free upgrades to 1Password for the life of their subscription.

1Password for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch is a freemium download from the App Store with optional In-App Purchases to unlock advanced features.

1Password for macOS is $64.99 on the Mac App Store.