1Password updated with Teams support, new All Vaults view and more


AgileBits on Monday issued an update for its 1Password app, bringing the mobile client to version 6.1. The team is calling this the “Unity Edition,” and it brings about support for 1Password for Teams, a new All Vaults view, and various other smaller improvements.

With 1Password for Teams, everyone gets the simple, convenient security of 1Password, and you get the tools you need to control and manage access to your important info. This includes features like end-t0-end encrypted sharing, anti-phishing defense and more.

As for the new All Vaults view, it enables users who have multiple vaults to view and search all of your items at once. And the feature is customizable, so for those that don’t want everything to be searchable, you can manually disable the vaults that you want kept private.

“Little improvements here and there” round out today’s 6.1 update. There’s nothing earth shattering here, but for team leaders and folks who have more than one vault, the changes are significant. As usual, you can find 1Password in the App Store for free (with IAPs).