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These best-selling apps are all on sale for President’s Day

If you’re like most people, you’ll likely spend President’s Day enjoying a much-needed day off with friends and family and perhaps a bit too much food.

But why not also take advantage of these limited-time deals on some of the best and most popular apps on the web? Ranging from transcription tools and speed-reading packages to VPNs and cloud storage services, there’s something on this list for you, and each app is available at a significant discount this President’s Day weekend.

These gadgets are all on sale this President’s Day weekend

President's Day is upon us, and what holiday would be complete without snatching up some of those awesome gadgets you've been eyeing for the past several months?

We've rounded up some of the most popular gadgets ranging from monitors and headphones to golf simulators and charging stations, and each one is on sale during President's Day weekend. Enjoy.

Save up to 92% on these Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday is usurping Black Friday as the biggest shopping day in the country, and it's easy to see why. Instead of waiting in crowded lines outside in the cold, Cyber Monday offers the convenience of leisurely scrolling through deals and letting your purchases come to you. The only downside is that similar to digging through the bins on Black Friday, it's sometimes hard to separate the good stuff from the fluff. These eight deals are the cream of the crop, so you don't have to tire your scroll finger to find them.

Skills you can learn for 2020 at Cyber Monday prices

Learning a new skill isn't just a great way to develop yourself and start a new hobby, it can also be a path towards a new career. Online courses are now a legitimate way to build fun and potentially lucrative talents without the hassle or costs of traditional schools. These eight courses are on sale at Cyber Monday prices and full of awesome new skills you can master right at home.

These massive Black Friday deals are still available online

Even though Black Friday is over that doesn't mean the deals have gone away. Many of the best savings are still available online for a few more days until the shopping holiday wraps up for good. These eight great products can still be grabbed for low prices, but hurry because these deals won't last forever.

8 huge Black Friday deals for up to 94% off

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in the country, but not all the deals require getting in the car. Some of the biggest savings available are online-only exclusives. So you can either drive across town and fight the crowds or you can check out these 8 great deals you can snag right from your couch.

Disk Drill Pro can bring your Mac’s lost files back from the brink

When a file is deleted, is it really gone forever? Fortunately in the case of accidental deletions, the answer is often "No". There are a number of ways to recover important files that have been mistakenly sent to the trash, but these methods are complex and time-consuming. Many times, getting back a deleted file involves an expensive trip to a data retrieval expert.

Get these 9 Mac apps for a price you get to pick

Despite the wide range of programs that come with a Mac, there's still a lot of premium apps out there that can dramatically improve your Mac's capabilities. And, while some apps can cost a pretty penny on the Mac App Store, you can get your hands on nine of the best for a price you get to pick.

Learn to make and sell your own apps for iOS 13 with this course

With over 2,000,000 apps on the App Store and more being created all the time, there's a huge demand in the tech industry for new iOS developers. From games to social networking to productivity tools, there's an endless variety of apps available. Even small businesses pay developers to create dedicated iOS apps for them.

Get this award-winning photo editor for 57% off

Modern photography is more than a good camera, framing and timing. It's also about editing. It's not just artistic sensibility that separates amateur photographers from the professionals; it's also their choice of photo editing software. Photos can become truly outstanding with the right post-processing, and Luminar 3 is perhaps the best software for it.

Learn speed reading and finish 300 books in a single year

Literacy was once a rare skill, now it's effectively mandatory for modern life. Although people may read fewer books than a century ago, the average person is reading way more than ever. Only instead of literature, it's articles, e-mails, text messages, and websites. Ultimately though, reading itself hasn't changed. If you read slowly or struggle with comprehension, it affects you no matter the medium.