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Learn UI/UX design with mobile design master class

If you have an app idea but are unsure how to make it attractive and easy to use, you can either hire a UI/UX expert or learn it yourself. The latter option is surprisingly doable. The Mobile Design Master Class is a course that covers both iOS and Android app design and features assignments, quizzes and practical work.

Take a nine course photography masterclass for only $29

The Learn to Become an Expert Photographer Bundle is an extensive nine-course bundle which is designed to teach beginners a wide range of skills that professional photographers use to get great shots. Courses are broken up by subject matter so that you can specialize in your favorite style of photography. 

Fammle helps keep your whole family on the same page.

Fammle is a family management app designed to reign in the inherit chaos of home life and allow better communication for a happier household. Tools like a shared calendar anyone can add items to, an updatable shopping list, and in-app calls make Fammle a valuable addition to any family. The collaborative nature of the app keeps everyone involved, and it’s simply enough for even young children to use. It’s like having your own small, family-specific social network.

Clean up your bookmarks and browse efficiently with Qlearly

This browser extension simplifies messy bookmarks with a simple column & board system, so you can easily organize the information and links you want to return to. Searching through your bookmarks is quick and easy with the build-in search, and Qlearly includes tools for private collaboration with teammates and the ability to create publicly shareable links.

Master Photoshop with this $31 course bundle

Photoshop is a powerful program, and people who know how to properly use it are practically visual effects wizards. Unfortunately, getting to that level of expertise can be a bit tricky, and having the time—and money—to go back to school isn’t in the cards for everyone. Thankfully, there’s the Complete Master Photoshop & Adobe CC Bundle, a 7-course collection that can get you up to speed on all things Photoshop online and for a fraction of what going back to school would cost.