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12min helps you plow through your reading list in less time

12min’s library includes 30 new titles each month that are designed to be read and digested in only 12 minutes. You can gain knowledge from these detailed and stimulating summaries by reading during a lunch break, or listening to the included audio versions. This condensed form of reading allows users to read a book every day.

This controller lets you open your garage from anywhere straight with your iPhone

This bundle from Nexx includes a smart garage controller and smart plug, which allows users to control their garage and appliances from anywhere. The Nexx Garage Controller is a massive upgrade from old-school garage openers, because users can open, close and monitor their garage door from anywhere in the world. In other words, you can have your garage door open and ready when you pull up rather than needing to be within range to open it.

The Apollo might be the ugliest, toughest case for your iPhone

This phone case is built with NASA technology (hence the name), and reflects the sun in hot weather. Heat can damage phones and drain battery life, so having a fully-protected case while you’re in the desert or at the beach is crucial. And despite its high-tech insulation, the case still works with cell, wi-fi and bluetooth signals and allows access to charging ports.

Get an additional 15% off the best Labor Day weekend sales

Labor Day weekend is a great time to grab some stuff on sale, and now the deals are even more tantalizing. Here are five items including a powerful VPN, wireless charger, and Mac app bundle with huge price-drops that won’t last. Plus you can save an additional 15% with the promo code SAVE15TODAY. 

5 skills you can learn on the cheap this weekend

There are tons of great online courses designed by experts that are both in-depth and hands-on, so you can learn at home from the best. Better yet, all of these courses are available for an additional 15% off when you use the code SAVE15TODAY. Read on for details.