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This advanced smart scale is on sale for $24.99

Traditional scales are overrated. They often misinterpret your actual weight and tell you practically nothing about your actual fitness level and meaningful health statistics. The BF1 Body Fat Analyzer, on the other hand, lets you keep track of everything from your body’s BMI to your muscle mass, and it’s available for over 55% off at just $24.99.

Master Raspberry Pi with this extensive eBook bundle

With four extensive eBooks, this bundle will walk you through everything from how to set up and configure your Raspberry Pi to how to build motion detectors, laser trip wires, spy devices, robots, and much more. There’s even a course that teaches you how to integrate Python into your projects.

This app-enabled smart ukelele teaches you how to play

The ukulele is an undoubtedly awesome instrument, and it’s enjoyed a pop music resurgence in recent years. But it’s also deceivingly difficult to learn without the right instruction by your side. As the world’s first smart ukulele, Populele makes it incredibly easy to learn this tiny-yet-mighty instrument, and it’s currently available for just $153 with coupon code: BOO15.

Learn how to build user-friendly apps with this UI/UX bundle

No matter how great your app idea is, you’ll have a hard time turning a profit with it if its interface is clunky and unfriendly to users. That’s why UI and UX (user interface and user experience) designers earn a pretty penny making apps and websites as accessible and enjoyable as possible, and getting started is easier than you think. If you want to learn the kind of skills you need for a career in UI/UX design, consider picking up The Complete UI/UX Fundamentals Bundle, which is on sale for over 90% off today.

Access more than a million books, magazines, and audiobooks with a subscription to Scribd

It’s hard to stay informed and keep up with all the latest releases because books and publications are expensive. A new release, even in audiobook or eBook format, can cost more than $20 – and that adds up fast when you’re buying them every week. A Scribd subscription is the perfect way to satisfy your appetite for literature without breaking the bank.