Modern photography is more than a good camera, framing and timing. It’s also about editing. It’s not just artistic sensibility that separates amateur photographers from the professionals; it’s also their choice of photo editing software. Photos can become truly outstanding with the right post-processing, and Luminar 3 is perhaps the best software for it.

Luminar 3 is an award-winning photography software with A.I. enhanced smart technology. Unlike PhotoShop, Luminar 3 works quickly and easily. A photograph can be treated and enhanced in seconds, and users can make dozens of adjustments with a single slider. The program also features advanced tools such as the ability to erase unwanted objects and persons from photographs and make photos sharper and clearer.

Though it usually costs $69, Luminar 3 is on sale now for $29 — a 57% savings. It includes 70 Instant Looks created by pro photographers so any photo has dozens of possible ways to shine.

Prices subject to change.