Speed Reading

Literacy was once a rare skill, now it’s effectively mandatory for modern life. Although people may read fewer books than a century ago, the average person is reading way more than ever. Only instead of literature, it’s articles, e-mails, text messages, and websites. Ultimately though, reading itself hasn’t changed. If you read slowly or struggle with comprehension, it affects you no matter the medium.

The Speed Reading Mastery Bundle is a six-course set designed to increase reading speed and comprehension. It includes over 200 lectures to provide in-depth instruction on scientifically-proven speed reading techniques. The bundle also features quick training methods that can increase memory and improve learning.

With rapid learning, improved memory, and speed reading techniques you can read and fully understand 300+ books per year. The Speed Reading Mastery Bundle is on sale for only $21 — a 98% discount from the regular price.

Prices subject to change.