New Derootifier app can convert some rootful jailbreak tweaks into rootless-supported ones

Most of the jailbreak community is starting to move to the rootless dynamic, and for users of rootful jailbreaks in the past, this may cause some growing pains for users of those jailbreak tweaks that haven’t yet been updated to support rootless.

Derootifier app user interface.

Fortunately, iOS developer haxi0 has released a new and free utility called Derootifier, which claims to be able to “de-rootify” jailbreak tweaks that were originally intended for rootful jailbreaks so that they will work on rootless jailbreaks like Fugu15 Max/Dopamine.

Citing the project’s GitHub page, Derootifier is an app that can be perma-signed with TrollStore, and it takes advantage of the Procursus rootless converter by bundling it into a user-friendly interface.

Once installed, the app presents a place where the user can select a .deb file for a rootful jailbreak tweak and attempt to convert it into a rootless jailbreak tweak, as shown above.

If it sounds too good to be true, then there’s a slight possibility that you might be right. That’s because a footnote on the GitHub page reveals that Derootifier will not work with all jailbreak tweaks, but it should still work with a handful of them, depending on what they do and their dependencies.

Obviously, if a jailbreak tweak depends on things outside the bounds of a rootless jailbreak, then there may not be a way of converting it to support rootless. There will be instances of this happening, so the best way around this is for developers to make rootless-supported jailbreak tweaks right out of the box.

If you’re interested in learning more about Derootifier and how it works, then you can head over to the project’s GitHub page to learn more about it and view the source code.

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