Share your custom shopping lists with the updated Apple Store app

You can now share products saved in custom lists with friends and family. Plus, the app has new ways to access your shopping lists.

A custom shopping list in the Apple Store app on iPhone
Share your saved products with friends | Image: Christian Zibreg/iDB
  • What’s happening? The Apple Store app for iPhone and iPad has been updated with shopping list sharing and two other improvements.
  • Why care? People with whom you’ve shared a shopping list can see its contents, buy any listed item or add it to their own custom list for later.
  • What to do? Download the update from the App Store.

The Apple Store app now supports shopping list sharing

The Apple Store app supports saving products for later. Just hit the bookmark icon on any product page in the app to add it to a custom shopping list.

Before this update, you couldn’t share your saved products. However, the refreshed software brings a Share icon to the top of your custom lists (accessible via the For You tab, then choose Your Saves). Touching the icon pulls up a share sheet.

You can share the shopping list with your friends, family, apps or nearby devices. What’s actually shared is a unique link that opens a special webpage on the Apple website where anyone with the link can see your shared products.

For each product, they can see details, buy any item or save all shared products in their own shopping list. At the bottom of the list is the QR code your friend can show to an Apple Store specialist if they want to purchase all the items on the list.

More in-depth info about physical stores

On top of that, Apple has implemented new ways to access your saved items in more places throughout the app. And finally, the updated software lets you view more details about Apple’s brick-and-mortar stores and their surroundings. Before, you could see limited store details like work hours and Today at Apple sessions.

How to immediately get the update

The refreshed software has a version number of 5.19. It is now rolling out globally in stages, which may take a few days to complete. Instead of waiting for automatic updates, you can manually update your copy of the app instantly.

Simply fire up the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and use search to land on the Apple Store page, then click the Update button to grab the update.

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