Kawari: An upcoming App Store-like experience for installing apps via TrollStore

Palera1n Team lead developer @itsnebulalol teased that the palera1n team is working on something exciting on Twitter early Monday morning that’s sure to get a lot of people excited whether they jailbreak or not.

Nebula explains what Kawari is.

After Tweeting a teaser image of an installer for a project that appears to be called Kawari with no real context except that it could be installed one way for iPhone X and older and another way for iPhone XS and newer, some followers began inquiring about what this was going to be, and the developer responded.

As it would appear, Kawari is a planned project that will emulate an App Store-like user experience for TrollStore users, but it won’t support all the same firmware versions as TrollStore does, which is worth noting right off the bat.

Indeed, while TrollStore supported iOS & iPadOS versions 14.0-15.4.1 (and 15.5 and 15.6 betas, excluding the release candidate and public release builds), Kawari appears to be limited to supporting versions of iOS & iPadOS 15, which means that iOS & iPadOS 14 won’t be supported.

After clarifying that fact, @itsnebulalol said that the app would offer a seamless user experience, so it would operate almost exactly like the App Store.

To be clear, @itsnebulalol isn’t the only developer behind the Kawari project. So too are @llsc121, @ploosh_ptr, @mineekdev, @suuperbro, and @ItsBluDood, but it just so happens that @itsnebulalol was the one to break the news about it first.

One thing that still remains unclear is if Kawari will host TrollStore-only apps or use TrollStore as a means to install any app. Either way, TrollStore appears to be the means of installing and perma-signing apps that are hosted in Kawari.

There aren’t yet at screenshots of what Kawari will look like, but it’s something we can’t wait to see, and we’re sure many of you feel the same way. After all, TrollStore has been a saving grace given the slowness of jailbreak development for the iOS & iPadOS 15 firmware.

It remains to be seen if Kawari will take off, but given that it’s being made by some members of the palera1n team, which enjoys a large following, it seems likely that its popularity among both users and developers alike won’t be overstated.

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Are you excited to see what becomes of Kawari and if it will make using TrollStore to perma-sign apps easier? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.