How to clear the keyboard history on your iPhone or iPad

This tutorial shows you how to clear the iPhone or iPad keyboard history, and reset all the words it has learned to get a fresh start.

Fix iPhone keyboard problems by resetting it

Why delete your keyboard history

Your iPhone learns from your typing by remembering words and how you use them in a sentence. It uses that to offer predictions, and auto-corrects what it thinks you misspelled.

However, if your iPhone or iPad keyboard regularly and repeatedly suggests incorrect words or autocorrects words to something that’s not appropriate or outright meaningless, you can reset it to the default state.

Reset your iPhone or iPad keyboard

  1. Open the Settings app and tap General.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  3. Tap Reset and select Reset Keyboard Dictionary.
  4. Enter your iPhone passcode and tap Done.
  5. Finally, tap Reset Dictionary to confirm.
Reset Keyboard Dictionary on iPhone

Reset history for third-party iPhone keyboards

The above steps only affect Apple’s built-in iOS keyboard. If you use a third-party keyboard app, go into its settings to clear the words it has learned. Here’s how to do that in two most-popular iPhone keyboard apps.


  1. Open SwiftKey and tap Account.
  2. Select Data settings.
  3. Tap Remove my data from this device which will reset your SwiftKey keyboard and make it forget all the words it has remembered or taught itself from your typing.
  4. If you have also signed in to SwiftKey, you can tap Remove my remote data to ensure everything is deleted from the cloud and doesn’t sync when you sign in to SwiftKey on any other device.
Reset SwiftKey keyboard app on iPhone


  1. Open the Gboard app and tap Keyboard settings.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and touch Clear my dictionary > Ok.
  3. Besides the dictionary, you can also clear your recently used GIFs.
Reset Gboard on iPhone

If a keyboard app doesn’t sync your typing style to the cloud, you can also delete and re-install it, which will remove everything it has learned.


Can I see all words my iPhone has learned and delete them individually?

You can’t do that. Your only option is to reset the entire keyboard and remove everything it has learned.

What are the alternatives to clearing the entire keyboard history?

If you don’t want the iPhone keyboard to show any learned words, go to Settings > General > Keyboard and turn off Predictive and Auto-Correct. After this, your iOS keyboard won’t suggest words you may like to use next, nor will it correct words it thinks you typed incorrectly.

How to permanently stop my iPhone keyboard from showing suggestions?

Go to iPhone Settings > General > Keyboard and turn off the switch for Predictive. After this, you won’t see the suggestions on the top of the keyboard.

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